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The world today is driven by technology, which is why being tech-savvy is important. A tech-savvy person is someone who is versed in the new technological world; hence, this individual can take advantage of technology as much as possible for both personal and professional growth.

Sadly, Not every individual is tech-savvy, but everyone can become one with proper guidance resources. Anyone can learn how to become computer savvy and acquire the essential computer skills they will need to defend themselves in the digital era. This article shares helpful tips on ways to become a tech-savvy person in little time.

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Create a plan: Choose a tech skill that resonates with you and learn it in a step-by-step process. You may need to create a daily or weekly schedule to practice what you are learning. Having a consistent routine may also help increase your memory retention rate as well as deepen your knowledge effectively. You can also set achievable goals with a self-reward as a form of reinforcement.

Research hardware needs: Owning a computer and mobile device may provide more opportunities to become technology savvy. Select the computer and mobile device systems that suit your needs and preferences, because you will use them almost every day.

Read an informational book: If reading is your best way to learn, consider scouring books that instruct people on how to use modern technology. Search for books online through reviews and forums, then go to libraries or bookshops to see if they’re available. You can also buy books online including audiobooks.

Join online Tech communities: There are many people interested in learning about technology. This has led some people to create communities where people can share their knowledge and experiences as tech savvies. These communities also have excellent books, articles, and blogs you can read and, you will always find someone that’s more experienced and can provide mentorship, tips, and answers to your questions.

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Watch tutorial videos: Tech content creators release tutorials and other informational videos on streaming websites and social media, especially YouTube. Watching videos are helpful to those who prefer to learn through visual input and demonstration. There are thousands of videos on youtube that you can download to be abreast of new and old technologies.

Take an online class: Online educational platforms like Udemy and Coursera offer introductory level courses to help people become technology savvy. You can sign up for these platforms to learn new tech skills and knowledge. This strategy is useful if you want to learn a programming language or cybersecurity.

Follow industry leaders and news platforms on social media: Technology experts on a social media website share insights, advice, and news day-to-day. They also share useful resources that can help you become more savvy and knowledgeable overall, like online tutorials or news articles. Depending on how they interact with followers, you can consider asking questions directly by leaving comments on their posts. This option also presents an opportunity to practice your social media capabilities.

Stay knowledgeable about new technology: It is important to stay updated about recent technology and improvements to previously released products. Consider reading magazines and online articles that describe new hardware, software, and equipment to see if any options can benefit your work practice or home life. You can also follow brands and media houses on social media. They may release updates and guides to their online followers.

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This article was first published on 5th May 2022


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