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Thinking about the movie, Pot of Lifewhich aired first on NTA Benin before it was transmitted from all NTA stations all over the nation in the 90s still gives me the creeps. The movie tells the story of Aimiuwu, the daughter of a poor man who was sent into the evil forest where no human can go in and survive, to bring back to the King the pot of life that would save the land from a dangerous epidemic.
Aimiuwu went in search of the pot of life in the forest. She faced several challenges – physical and spiritual dangers – but because of her good heart, she was helped by the spirits of the evil forest and she brought the pot of life back to her village.
The movie was set in the Benin City, Edo State. The richness of the culture was seen in the way of life portrayed in the movie, the songs, the colourful attires and the infusion of dialogue with proverbs and ancient historical stories.
Here is a short clip of Pot of Life to stir up memories:

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This article was first published on 5th November 2015

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