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There was a time when movie night was anticipated every Thursday night. It was a big deal – more like, preparing for a big event. Before internet took over our world, there were TV shows that were like our best companion we couldn’t wait to get home to attend to. We would always scurry into the sitting room by 8.00pm to watch them because if you missed an episode it would feel like you’ve missed a serious examination paper – if only we even took the exam that seriously. Check out the favourite TV shows that we loved.

Super Story

This show is so unforgettable. Super Story is a Nigerian television drama series created by Wale Adenuga. From when the first season aired “Oh Father oh Daughter”, we’ve completely been hooked. The series was aired on Thursdays by 8 pm on NTA, but currently, it shows on several other stations.

Fuji House of Commotion

This show stole our hearts forever. It was responsible for so many childhood memories. This fascinating family comedy was created by the late Amake Igwe, centred around the life of Chief Tajudeen Fufi, he’s three wives and their horde of children. It’s a house of commotion were there’s never a drama-free day and you can’t tell what next would hit you. The wives are out of control, the children even more so, and the husband is the grand coordinator of the commotion. Every episode was filled with a cacophony of humour.

Papa Ajasco and Company

Papa Ajasco and Company was a must- watch, hilarious TV series that always relaxes your frayed nerves. Talk about exciting family series and Papa Ajasco is the commander. Papa Ajasco and Company was formerly “The Ajasco Family”, before the spin-off Papa Ajasco and Company. The story revolved around the Ajasco family and their comic interpretations to major societal issues. The leading characters in the movie were Papa Ajasco, Mama Ajasco, Bobo Ajasco, Boy Alinco, Miss Pepeiye, Pa James, and Pa Jimoh. Papa Ajasco was definitely a hit.

I Need to Know

Aside from the fact that this show is entertaining, it was educative as well. It was aired on NTA, AIT, and other terrestrial networks. “I Need To Know” was a family-oriented TV series, sponsored by United Nations Population Fund, in conjunction with the Federal Government that provided information on adolescent health issues such as AIDS and teenage pregnancy. Funke Akindele shot into the limelight from this show as Bisi, and other A-list actors like Carol King as Mrs Tomori, late Enebeli Elebuwa as Mr Tomori, Yemi Solade as Mr Richards and a host of others.

Everyday People

Everyday People was a thrilling family show, with the ability to make you cry and laugh at the same time. It focused on the daily lives of different families in an urban society. The series was suspense-filled, comical, and with a soundtrack, we all loved to sing.

Family Circle

This hit TV series was always pleasant to watch. It featured Nobert Young and Ronnie Dikko, who had family ups and downs but always conquered everything with love and communication. The series was both entertaining and very educative.

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This article was first published on 21st December 2017


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