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  Valentine is the season of romance and heartbreak. Our focus, however, is on romance. Celebrating Valentine is often a good excuse for a romantic couple’s getaway. Just in case you are planning a Valentine getaway but are unsure of what to do as a couple, here are a few ideas.
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  1. Spend the Night Out

If staying at home seems like a boring idea, then try travelling. If the funds to travel are not available, then make the most of the night by spending it out of the house. There are a ton of things to do when you spend the night out. E.g. See a play, enjoy a bonfire night, hang out at the beach in a beach resort, dinner date, couples’ game night, karaoke at a lounge, etc. Just go out and do something special.
  1. Eat a Fancy Dinner

There is something magical about eating out at an expensive restaurant when you travel to another town. Not just any meal, but one you would not normally have. You can visit a Chinese, Lebanon, or Indian establishment or settle for a buffet-style dinner. Every city has iconic locations for fancy meals. E.g. Protea Hotels nationwide, Spades restaurant, The Atmosphere or Ocean basket in Lagos, Tamberma restaurant in Ibadan, The Pier restaurant or Cantina by Sinclair in Abuja, Wan Tan in Benin City, etc. Research the place, check out their food presentation, menu, price list, ambience, and payment options before choosing that spot for your romantic hangout.
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  1. Plan a Couples Adventure

There are some activities tourists engage in that can make your valentine special if you try them. You can sign up to visit Obudu Mountain Resort to hike up Holy Mountain or around the resort in Calabar. There is the option of going swimming at a resort or swimming at a warm spring, e.g. Le Meridian Ibom Golf resort or Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort. Or you could sign up for a cruise with dinner, comedy & games in Lekki, where you can hug it out, hold hands, or take a sunset photo. You could also decide to go to an amusement park or water park to create special memories to cherish.
  1. Attend a Special Program Together

From Comedy shows to parties and theatre performances, Valentine’s Day brims with activities. You could travel to a state where the options are much and take part in one. For instance, in Uyo, Qua Iboe Church hosts an event called Facebook Street vibes around this time of the year. In Lagos, there is a program called Duke & Duchess Hangout taking place on Coney Island. Even visiting schools and orphanages for Charity is also a way to spice up the day.
  1. Stay In Doors

If you book a valentine package at a hotel for the night, it would most likely come with rose petals on the bed, a bottle of wine, gifts, etc. So rather than spoil the mood by rushing to spend the night out after a few hours, you can choose to stay indoors. First slow dance with your partner with a romantic playlist you created. Bluetooth speakers and a phone can help set the mood. Exchange gifts. Then talk about your dream bucket list and all the fun things you would like to do together. End the night with a movie or pull a movie all-nighter from your personal hard drive or archives. It gives room for cuddling and other intimate interactions for the night. Valentine’s Day may look far, but it isn’t. Now is the time to plan. Source: Fast Lagos All Events Ease My Trip Bucket list Journey Featured Image Source: Two Drifters
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This article was first published on 26th January 2022 and updated on February 1st, 2022 at 11:39 am


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