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  The series of social media challenges that have emerged in 2020 is proof that there is never a dull time on social media. People always find ways to entertain themselves, and social media challenges are one of the ways through which they achieve this.
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The #Don’tLeaveMeChallenge is the latest trend to emerge on social media. It appears to have started with this tweet by comedian Josh2Funny, who is known for his comic alter ego “Mama Felicia” on social media.  
  Since he introduced the challenge on Instagram, everyone – from celebrities to influencers such as Falz, DJ Cuppy, and more – have been participating in it.         The #Don’tLeaveMeChallenge is a form of wordplay in which you use two or more everyday words to form new words that have a different meaning from the original words used, while onlookers cheer in amusement. The Impact Of The Challenge  Besides entertainment, the sheer brilliance of suggesting different meanings of words to elicit humour is what makes the #Don’tLeaveMeChallenge alluring. This is proof, yet again, that social media is a vehicle for creativity. Since the challenge is open to everyone on social, it provides people with the chance to push their creative boundaries and allows them to unleash their best ideas. Featured Image Source: Naijaloaded
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This article was first published on 21st June 2020


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