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The Idea Behind Retargeting And How It Works


Chances are, you’ve already experienced this form of advertising without being aware of it. The options for online advertising have become limitless as a result of numerous platforms, channels, and strategies available to advertisers. What do you think happens when you shop online or view a product on an online store, only to see the ads of that product popping up on other sites? Oh well, now you’ll know.

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Small business owners and entrepreneurs have to understand the essence of advertising and its role in luring people to your website; but what happens when potential customers are not ready to patronize you when they first visit your website? Or if they get distracted before they make an actual purchase? Is that the end of it? That shouldn’t be, at least not when you can retarget.

Retargeting is an advertising strategy in which a company serves advertisements to potential customers who have previously visited their website. It is a company’s way of reaching out or re-engaging with customers who have interacted with your online marketing in the past. The goal of retargeting is to persuade a potential customer to take action on offers that he previously left behind at his initial visit. Advertisers and marketers achieve retargeting goals through Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Google ads, and several other platforms. Without retargeting, potential customers might as well forget they ever saw your brand or website.

Why Should You Retarget?

Inasmuch as marketers see retargeting as a challenging task which isn’t true, the benefits of retargeting are too many to exhaust.

  1. Retargeting helps you connect with potential customers, increase brand visibility, which in turn increases customer loyalty. And when there is customer loyalty, there is massive patronage and referrals.
  2. Retargeting is a more cost-effective strategy for advertising.
  3. Retargeting serves as a reminder to potential customers. Driving traffic to your website is quite useless if there is no purchase/sale. Therefore, retargeting reminds customers of their intended purchase and the overall existence of your brand.
  4. With retargeting, your brand stands a high chance of gaining awareness. When people constantly see your brand and company’s name, it gives you a space in their hearts and makes them willing to patronize you, because your brand has gained familiarity.

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When Should You Retarget?

Knowing when to retarget is vital to achieving effective retargeting goals. So, when should you think of retargeting?

  • Retarget To Promote Bestsellers

When you have bestsellers and items that customers love, use retargeting ads to showcase them, attract and convert visitors into customers.

  • Retarget When You Have Moving Inventories

Retargeting ads are an affordable and easy way to exhibit surplus items in your store to potential customers.

  • Retarget When You Want To Introduce New Products/Service

When launching a new product line, the best people to retarget are people who have previously visited your website, are interested in your brands, or have patronized you before.

  • Retarget To Build Brand Awareness

Retargeting ads keep your brand at the top of your potential customers’ minds and give your brand an ounce of familiarity, making you stand out from competitors.

Here’s How Retargeting Works

  • It starts by putting a tracking code referred to as a retargeting pixel on your website.
  • When a potential customer visits your website, the pixel downloads information on what the customer viewed or has an interest in.
  • This information becomes part of the customer profile and is tracked through a cookie placed in the customer’s browser.
  • At the point of visiting another site, the cookie informs the ad network of a previous visit by that customer to the website.
  • The ad network then displays ads reflecting the company’s product or service to the customer, as a reminder of what the company offers.

In the course of retargeting, advertisers need to avoid using too many ads or dragging ads to every site a potential customer visits. There should be a limit. Also, keep in mind that continuously showing ads to visitors who have converted can not only annoy your customers but cause you to waste money targeting people who have already converted.

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Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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