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One day after preparing to go out, I looked at my hand and was so surprised to see that my wrist is now looking fairer than all the other areas of my hand. Could it be that my cream and why was I just noticing this? I thought. On a second thought, I remembered that this place has often been covered by my wrist watch. It dawned on me that the mark was given to me by my leather wrist watch. Not because I wore it once but because I was consistent in having it on.

Wow! So my consistency in wearing a wrist watch has left an evidence or a mark on my body.

In the same way, If you see a chain smoker, observe the colour of his teeth and see that the smoke must have left evidence on his teeth. You don’t need to see him with a cigar before you will know he has interacted with cigarette.

If you see a drunk, he wakes up in the morning uncoordinated even when he has taken no wine. If you see someone who uses glasses, it leaves a mark on the sides of his face. If you see someone that gyms, it leaves evidence on his body building.

Beloved, when a man begins to seek God in prayers and the word consistently, it leaves an evidence on him. Suddenly the fear of the future begins to fade away… New hope begins to rise. He sees the sick and feels like laying his hands… He begins to speak wisdom when he talks… You suddenly become bold as a lion. You suddenly discover that even though you lack money but you are rich… And so you say “silver and gold I have not but what I have I give thee… Rise up and walk!”

You cannot interact with God’s Spirit continually and the evidence will not be there. The apostles discovered the evidence that followed them and then said, “Let’s give ourselves CONTINUALLY to prayer and the ministry of God’s word.” They know that only their consistency in it can change them. We have too many inconsistent people in the church and that is why few people who have given themselves to regular spiritual exercise are always seen as celebrities and Apostles.

Brethren, power failure in Christians is due to prayer/word failure. Anything you practice over time leaves an evidence on you. There is a need for continuity, it doesn’t come after praying for three hours just once or reading your bible for ten hours just one day while you spend the rest of the month sleeping.

We practice God’s presence too. Moses practiced it for 40 days and people could not look at him again. But in our days, His presence is ever with us yet we don’t practice it. No wonder we have too many revelations but no evidence.

Isaiah 45:19 “…I would not have told the people of Israel to seek me if I could not be found…”

We can’t give ourselves to seeking God and come out with nothing as the evidence. God living in a man should produce an evidence of His presence in the man! But the man must learn how to make Him evident.

Stop living a casual life, you wake up in the morning and all you think about is business, money, and food. Your prayers are done on the road. Mind you that living a life with no place for God has its own evidence.

We don’t seek evidence, they naturally manifest over time not after one long prayer. It’s over time- consistency!


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This article was first published on 13th November 2016


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