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The word ‘introvert’ is often thrown around as a synonym for shy or even socially awkward and while introverts can have shy tendencies, introversion doesn’t mean social ineptitude and it certainly doesn’t need to be a career impediment.

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However, introverts are generally described as people who thrive on their own and who feel drained when they must interact often with other people. While introverts often get a bad rap, they should simply be seen as people who are energized in quiet spaces and during alone time rather than in loud, large social gatherings.

Extreme introverts enjoy alone time, think more clearly when they are on their own, are described as self-starters, and avoid uncomfortable run-ins with unhappy or angry people. They may not often call people on the telephone or send many texts or emails even to their friends or family. In general, they feel happier and more content when they keep mostly to themselves and try to stay away from casual conversations.

Here is a list of careers that is best suited for an extreme introvert


Since introverts are usually better at expressing themselves with the written word, becoming a writer is ideal for an introvert. There is a wide possibility of jobs for writers, from creative writing and technical guides to web content and copywriting. Both in-house and independent contractor writers need to liaise with their clients or bosses, so some social interaction is required, but for the most part, writers are independent and can deeply think about their content creation process.

Graphic Designing

Computers, creative design, and working alone—if you love these three things, then the graphic design could be a wise choice for a career. There might be instances when you will need to interact with some people, especially if you are employed by a company and nevertheless, the job allows for a lot of alone time so you can focus on your designs.

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Graphic designers conceptualize and create visual concepts for advertisements, brochures, and magazines. In most cases, they use computer tools to build their designs, but in some instances, they also use their bare hands to produce physical content.


This job involves cataloging, appraising, and preserving records and other valuable data. Archivists work alone and do not need a lot of people to help them. They often prefer to be completely on their own because they do not like entrusting their jobs to other people.


A photographer is someone who captures images via a camera and while this can sound boring, photographs get to be creative with how shots are composed. Plus, there are various niches in photography you can specialize in: weddings, babies, family gatherings, fine art, portrait, commercial, modeling and fashion, sports, aerial, and even scientific photography.

You may interact with your subjects, clients, or helpers to set up the shots, but for the most part, photographers get to work by themselves.

Data Analyst

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Becoming a data analyst is another great job suited for an introvert because you get to use data, solve problems, make predictions and then help the company strategically decide on plans for product development and more. As such, data analysts turn data gathered from customers, the company’s performance, products, and costs into insights.


Freelancers are also called independent contractors and they are self-employed individuals who are entitled to the freedom of choosing their projects instead of committing to one single, long-term employer, freelancers can pick their jobs and their clients. If you are not fond of interacting with a lot of people, freelancing is probably the best career to pursue and you only have to deal with your clients—no one else.

For introverts, finding a dream job can be quite a challenge because many workplaces require human interaction. With the list provided above, these are the number of jobs you can pursue without having to deal with people all the time, and don’t force yourself to interact with others if it makes you unhappy. The ultimate goal is to find peace and happiness in a job you want to do for the rest of your life.

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This article was first published on 27th April 2022


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