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A huge part of customer service lies on customer relationship. Rewind… to ten years ago, when fans couldn’t even dream of being able to communicate and interact with their favorite stars; when reviews were very limited to the OAPs on the radio or writers in newspapers; when no one could air their view and seek for a better art standard from their favorite celebrities, render advice or simply congratulate them for an awesome performance. Now fast forward to the present day entertainment industry, where the fans now have platforms to air their views and communicate with their favorite celebrities on very personal terms. Because in the end, we are the consumers of their commodity. The invention of various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made it easy and possible for fans to interact with the stars whom they are physically unable to reach. We’ve seen over the years, how applause of great songs and movies spurred the artists to continue to reach for the best. They raise their standards, just to give the fans more of what they want. Reviews are still done constantly by various professional writers, OAPs and the media, but now, however, unofficially, every consumer gets to air their views and opinions on the celebrities’ Twitter and Instagram pages, and we’ve seen some of the constructive criticisms pay off as the celebrities often work on those aspects just to satisfy the fans. The resounding excitement over the announcement of a new project is mind blowing and these celebrities get to feel the sort of love that drives them to produce better art. We’ve seen fans complain, using a simple 100mb device, about artists who tour the world, while they neglect the local stage, and these artists have turned around and began to create local performances for their home fans. Truth is, with the advent of technology, celebrities are able to engage the fans on new upcoming projects and sometimes even seek opinions and desired direction. Fans are able to share their views and this leads to better customer relationship and ultimately, better service. As with almost everything in the world, there are those who misuse these opportunities, on both sides of the equation. Nevertheless, the advantages have outweighed the disadvantages– the customer service experience has been made better. HAPPY CUSTOMER SERVICE WEEK!

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This article was first published on 6th October 2017


Nwaoha David is currently studying economics at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is a drummer and generally loves entertainment.

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