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Dare we re-imagine a powered up, technologically advanced Africa? A society with reliable electricity supply, stable telecommunications infrastructure, fast and efficient transportation – this could transform Africa and the lives of its 1.3 billion citizens. We are ready to write our own story, change the script, introduce new players and take centre stage.

Africa has benefited from unprecedented capital inflows into technology, with Nigeria as the premier destination for tech investment. The ecosystem driving tech investment and innovation sit in Lagos. As we witness Jumia IPO – the only African Unicorn out of more than 500 created, currently on the New York Stock Exchange, Jack Ma & Seedstars’ 100 million tech funds, Nigeria is definitely leading the change, especially in the last couple of years – we know that it’s no longer business as usual for the tech ecosystem in Africa.

Lagos is home to the inaugural TechMoney Africa Summit – where tech, money and innovation meet to solve Africa’s biggest challenges. The event takes place on Monday 10th& Tuesday 11th June 2019 at UNILAG, Lagos.

Tech money and Innovation Summit will ensure that technology, innovation and strategy leaders across major organisations and enterprises in Africa engage with the next generation of disruptive and exponential technology and opportunity, so that they can continue to drive value for internal and external stakeholders by being at the heart of the technology and innovation that is changing the world and providing real opportunity to change lives for the better.

There has never been a better time to unlock the value of technology in Africa, the fourth industrialisation, the advent of exponential technologies, cloud, AI, IoT, blockchain and crypto mean that Africa can feasibly leapfrog its way to making serious advancements in realising key advancements set out in the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Techmoney Africa will:

• Bring together all the change agents in the space to drive significant development

• Create a powerful platform to enable investment into the right areas, using the right processes into the right products

• Sign post correct decision-making

• Build an enabling ecosystem for technology and innovation in Africa

The event will be a carefully curated explosion of interactions, learnings, meetings, deal-making, pitching, benchmarking, showcases, and feature:

➢ Exhibition

➢ Pitch stages

➢ One to one meeting

➢ Hackathon

➢ Enterprise Innovation Stream

➢ Startup Bootcamp

➢ Angel Investor training

➢ Breakout sessions

➢ Under hood deep dive technology session

Coming to the event will be:

➢ Technology & Innovation lead in public and private sector organisations tasked with leveraging technology to drive value for internal and external stakeholders and customers/citizens

➢ Software and App developers

➢ Infrastructure and Network Engineers

➢ OEMs

➢ Technology & Consulting, Advisory Firms

➢ Professional Services firms

➢ IP & Trademark organisations

➢ Accelerators, hubs, co-working spaces and entrepreneurship networks

➢ Public Sector technology and innovators

➢ Academic and Research Institute leaders driving digital transformation

➢ Investors

➢ Private Equity & Venture Capital executives

➢ Financial Services leaders

➢ CEOs/Co-Founders, CTOs of Tech companies

➢ Startups

➢ Tech talent

➢ Development finance institutions

➢ Impact investment organisations

➢ Foundations and NGOs

TechMoney and Innovation Summit Africa will bring together the leading minds in technology, innovation and finance across the public and private sector in Africa to achieve the following:


• Understand how disruptive and exponential technologies can transform business models in major enterprises and public sector organisations for good.

• Uncover how technology can drive efficiencies and unlock value in financial transactions across all value chains; from informal to formal sectors and industries

• Leverage opportunities to collaborate, invest and partner with an upcoming innovative start-up and tech talent to evolve a sustainable business model

• Benchmark with peers to understand how best to leverage the latest technology advancements to drive value within their respective organisations in supporting citizen and customer service delivery


• Run a survival diagnostic on your business – learn and prepare to thrive

• Go beyond the hype and glamour of entrepreneurship to uncover real strategies for growth

• Learn how to build and pitch bankable businesses

• Demystify investment requirements for start-ups, corporate ventures, funds and grants

• Network with the brightest minds in technology to support talent acquisition plans

• Benefit from customized mentoring sessions


• Experience the most advanced applications in fintech


• Connect with businesses and individuals transforming macro-economic indicators through entrepreneurship

• Support job creation, capacity building and impact investment


• Engage one to one with senior level decision makers in public and private sectors organisation for tech

• Showcase solutions to a captive audience

• Visibly demonstrate support for building capacity in tech ecosystem in Africa FOR ACCOUNTANCY, AUDIT, CONSULTANCY & ADVISORY FIRMS

• Engage one to one with prospective and existing clients requiring your service to transform their business models with tech and innovation

• Support entrepreneurs who are actively seeking or receiving investments for their businesses FOR REGULATORS & POLICY MAKERS

• Keep abreast of new technology and innovation to ensure a proper regulatory environment to protect and support citizens FOR LEGAL, IP/TRADEMARK SERVICE PROVIDERS

• Help start-ups and entrepreneurs understand how to protect their business ideas and patents FOR SOFTWARE ENGINEERS, APP DEVELOPERS AND ICT PROFESSIONALS

• Benchmark with peers

• Experience cutting edge technical sessions FOR RESEARCH INSTITUTES & VOCATIONAL CENTRES


• Seek investors

• Recruit talent We hope to see you there!

• Recruit talent

We hope to see you there!

Featured image source: Techmoney Africa

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This article was first published on 28th May 2019

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