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I want a 4g phone you say, but do you really know what 4g means? or WiFi? or HDMI? Well let’s have a little education; here are 56 Tech Acronyms you use but probably don’t know what they mean. 1G —– First Generation 2G —– Second Generation 3G —– Third Generation 4G —— Fourth Generation AMR —– Adaptive Multi-Rate APK —–Android Package Kit APN —– Access Point Name AVI —– Audio Video Interleave CDMA —– Code Division Multiple Access CDR —– CorelDRAW CPU —– Central Processing Unit DAMPS —- Digital Advance Mobile Phone Service DNS —– Domain Name System DTA—– Data Transfer Adapter EDGE—– Enhanced Data for Global Evolution EDI—– Electronic Data Interchange FM—– Frequency Modulation FTP—– File Transfer Protocol GGSN—– Gateway GPRS Support Node GIF—– Graphic Interchange Format GPRS—– General Packet Radio Service GPS—– Global Positioning System GSM—– Global System for Mobile Communication HDD—– Hard Disk Drive HDMI—– High Definition Multimedia Interface HTTP—– Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTPS—– Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure IMAP—– Internet Message Access Protocol IMEI—– International Media Equipment Identifier iOS—– iPhone Operating System JPEG—– Joint Photographic Experts Group Kbps—– Kilo Byte Per Second LAN—— Local Access Network LED—– Light Emitting Diodes MAN—– Metropolitan Area Network MPEG—– Moving Picture Experts Group MTS—– Mobile Telephone Service OTP—– One Time Password PDA—– Personal Digital Assistant PDF—– Portable Document Format PN—– Packet Number POP—– Point Of Presence PTT—– Push To Talk RAN—– Radio Access Network ROM—– Read Only Memory SD CARD—– Secure Digital Card SIM—– Subscriber Identity Module SSL—– Secure Socket Layer TDMA—– Time Division Multiple Access UMTS—— Universal Mobile Telecommunications System USB—– Universal Serial Bus VGA—– Video Graphics Array VPN—–Virtual Private Network WCDMA—– Wideband Code Division Multiple Access Wi-Fi—– Wireless Fidelity WMA—– Windows Media Audio

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This article was first published on 19th July 2017


Kofoworola Omotayo is a freelance writer, a lover of tech and a literature monger. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and a member of Nigerian Institute of Management. He enjoys approaching issues from logical and empirical perspective. His twitter handle @heir_ptahyor and Gmail: kofoworolaomotayo[@]

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