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Doing the same thing in business or mimicking the system of others will only leave one at the same level or as the latter suggests, a fruitless effort of fitting a square peg in a ring hole. For growth in business to be tangible and measurable, there is a plan tailored specifically for each business type.

With over 14 years of corporate and business experience, ‘Tale Alimi hosts a business growth master class aimed at:

  • developing a growth plan that works
  • leadership and team building
  • creating innovation that wins
  • addressing hindrances to business growth and
  • selling to deliver results

This event is scheduled to take place in Lagos and Abuja with details below:

Venue: Lagos Date: Thursday-29th September Early registration: September 5th to 18th (₦30,000 only) Late registration: September 19th to 23rd (₦40,000 only)

Venue: Abuja Date: Thursday-6th October Early registration: September 5th to 24th (₦30,000 only) Late registration: September 25th to 30th (₦40,000 only)

Group registration offers a 10% discount. For further enquiries, kindly log on to

Click here to register.


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This article was first published on 14th September 2016


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