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  Sunny is like most of us, he’s always on the move. He runs a laundry and cleaning service business and has one car for deliveries and another for his personal runs. He noticed the insurance covers on both cars were due for renewal in a week, but since there was no accident or theft, neither was there any reason to make a claim while the insurance was active; he didn’t see any reason to rush.
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He’s also pals with the policemen in his area, so he wasn’t bothered about getting stopped by the police either. As the popular saying goes, “This life no balance”- Sunny learnt this the hard way. Just a day after his comprehensive insurance expired, a truck hit Sunny’s business car and took off his windscreen. On his way to the spot of the accident in his personal car, life happened again and this time, he hit an SUV and damaged both his car and the SUV.
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Sometimes leaving things for later might not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to renewing your auto insurance policy, it might cost you a lot more. Not only is there a sense of security that keeps you rest assured as you drive around with confidence but it also ensures that when a road mishap involves a third party, the costs of repairs or replacements are covered. Most importantly, when you renew your auto insurance policy, you would be obeying the law too. To get valid Auto Insurance today, please reach out to our partners at Leadway Assurance. You can request for a call-back to get details of the different Auto Insurance options available here or contact Leadway Assurance by sending a DM to their official Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts. Drive safe! Featured Image Source: Leadway Assurance
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This article was first published on 29th January 2021

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