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Contrary to popular opinions, SEO is not only relevant to a website but in the case of social media marketing. According to research, combining SEO with social media platforms increases the visibility level of brand four times faster than when banking on website SEO. Let it be known, that social media does not boost search rankings but a positive recognition of a brand’s image. A study showed that when more people share content on social media, it actually does generate social signals that indicate your posts are useful to your target market but only retains the imagery of the brand on the minds of your market. These days, marketers now adopt social media platforms as a channel to direct users to the website for increased conversion. It is for this purpose that Search Engine Optimization is relevant.

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Bank on Links

It is highly recommended that you take advantage of appropriate URLs. Link building involves a strategy used for getting more links to your website on external sites. External links are known as backlinks. Links are a very cost-effective tool that can help drive traffic to your site, boost brand awareness and visibility. For example, On Instagram, you can add a URL that can link potential users to your landing pages. Ensure that links used are appropriately shortened and appealing to users.

Use Keywords

Keywords on social media sites are as relevant as using them on company websites. This is one of the core practices of search engine optimization (SEO) which involves selecting a keyword from a reliable keyword tool and optimizing the website for that keyword. However, in this case, the keywords are directed to a social media platform. Keywords refer to words and phrases that describe what content is about. Google relies on “keyworded” information to determine which importance of content to a particular search query and the position at which a page should rank in searches within a period. This implies, depending on the choice of keywords a page can rank from first to the last page on a google search by a user.

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Make Affiliations

Make affiliation or partnerships with credible online brands. This form of practice is known as Affiliate Marketing where you add the link of another product link to your social media content. You also adopt the same for other decent websites to get more traffic to your website. Find a social media brand or personality with high followership and authority within your niche and create guest content for them. You can also tag them to your content. This is another great way to reach out to a broader audience and get more traffic.

Social media tasks might seem like a simple hobby. Nonetheless, it takes a lot of critical thinking and creativity. Adding the SEO strategy to your performance might also be overwhelming but the result of your efforts is always worth it. Most customers and clients expect businesses to have a social media presence to show that actually exist. Don’t hide in the shadows.

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This article was first published on 5th August 2021 and updated on August 16th, 2021 at 8:05 am


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