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Stay Highly Motivated In 2022: 7 Ways To Make It Happen


Bye Sunday, Hello Monday…

Certainly, you have already come up with a design that you want to work with this year. You have written down goals that need to be achieved. Your career path is ascertained. You have a roadmap of where you want to arrive by the end of the year. But success stories do not appear overnight and promotions do not happen so easily.

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Everything you have planned for the year could become overwhelming to you, making you demotivated and frustrated. Therefore, it is important that your work energy levels remain high.

Cultivating a positive attitude and purpose-driven approaches is also important for making great strides in your career. In 2022, you should find and keep your motivation even when you feel discouraged. Use the following tips to reenergize your career approach and create significant milestones in your professional and personal life.

  1. Think about your goals. It is not enough to come up with a couple of goals that you want to achieve. It is pertinent to visualise them and constantly have positive imagery if you must stay motivated. Picture what it would be like when you have reached those goals and use that image to motivate yourself.
  2. Make realistic goals. Do not spend precious time drawing up superficial plans and setting unrealistic goals. If you are all for advancing your career and building yourself up professionally, then you must review your goals and approaches at every step of the way. You could introduce simpler and surer goals that will help you to achieve the bigger ones.

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  1. Find out what fuel(s) your motivation and focus on them. To arrive at your intended achievement, you must remove those activities that do not add value to your growth or play a vital part in attaining your goals.
  2. Be positive. A positive mindset is a key to success. Encourage yourself constantly through positive self-talk that will boost your confidence. Do not approach any task with the thought of failing at it. Be open to taking up new challenges that will help you acquire skills you never had. Bear in mind that you are responsible for creating the positive situation that will turn your life around, something that is only possible when you do not let your misgivings limit you.
  3. Craft a routine and be dedicated to it. Starting off the year with a defined routine will help you a lot. This is because you will get accustomed to doing things you used to find difficult in the past and will put in enough hours in productive work.
  4. Get into a friendly competition. Find a friend or a colleague who share similar ideas with you or are interested in achieving the same goal as you are and inspire each other to perform better.
  5. Take time to reward yourself for a job well done. Treat yourself to a nice meal or a movie or a day in the park when you have achieved your goal. You can also reward yourself by doing something that you consider fun for your hard work in the process of attaining your goals.

Improving your career can only be possible when you are hardworking, motivated and you have set goals that you want to achieve. In order to do better in 2022, follow the seven tips given in this article to stay motivated and have a successful year.

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Ohia, Ernest Chigaemezu is a writer, editor, and grade teacher based in Jos, Nigeria.

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