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Starting Your Business From The Scratch: Here’s How


There is always that business that is somewhat dead, but alive. It is not quite making a profit but it is not bankrupt either. Various advice has come for you to cut ties with the business and move to another venture. However, you have invested so much that you believe you can resurrect the business back to life.

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In a bid to achieve that, various steps have been taken but none of which seems to give the desired results. Starting your business from scratch: Here’s how;

  1. Take Inventory
  2. Remove The Excess
  3. Draw Up A Budget
  4. Seek Expert Advice
  5. Implement
  1. Take Inventory

According to the dictionary, to take inventory means to count and record an itemized list of items in one’s inventory. To properly kick start your business from the scratch, one has to take a proper inventory, not just of physical products like equipment, but also of non-tangible goods like inflation rates. These would help to arrive at a conclusion of if the rest of the process would be worth it.

  1. Remove The Excess

After the inventory has been taken, it becomes quite easy to remove the excess from the business. There are some processes that lag the business. These can be removed from the business so that focus can be given to other areas. Removing the excess saves limited resources and allows for expansion in the right direction.

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  1. Draw Up A Budget

Budgets are a great way to direct money. The money may be scarce but a good budget covers a multitude of leaks. This budget should be drawn with respect to the current market rate. This would help the business owner determine what is important and if they should apply for a loan or sell off redundant properties or liabilities.

  1. Seek Expert Advice

Apparently, people are yet to see that you cannot successfully start a business without the help of consultation from experts. They understand the terrain and can give an accurate diagnosis of why your business failed in the first instance. They also have an understanding of how the business can grow past its current pace. It might seem expensive at first but it is always worth the money.

  1. Implement

Whatever they ask you to, do it. You had started the business on your own and it did not work. Why not try out all these steps listed and see the change they are sure to bring? You can spend hours reading and staying with the best, but until you go ahead and do what they say, you would remain where you are.

When you have made up your mind to kick start your business, the question to ask would be, “How many of my supplies are left?”, “Are they up to par with market standards?”, “How much would it take to fix them?” These questions are the real inventory that aids growth. After these have been done, continue to ask questions that challenge you to do better and deliver quality products.

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