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  It has been a week, guys yet the Twittersphere never stops for anybody or for any reason. So without much time spent on trivial matters, these are your social media trends:
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Spotify may have just formalized its relationship with Africa as it announced on Monday that it is now enabled in Nigeria. Music Twitter went agog with the new development. Takes came in hot and fast and the convo lasted into the next day.

Liz Benson

An identity mix-up saw veteran actress turned evangelist, Liz Benson, on the trend list this past week. The algorithm then saw a clip from an Africa Magic show hosted by another veteran actress, Mercy Johnson. She was asked whether it was okay to leave a marriage if a woman finds out her husband is a philanderer and she responded that it was a step too far to exit a marriage. That view was what drove the name to trend on Twitter.


Rema released a new single but that was not the biggest thing about that news. At least not the reason Rema trended. The track was produced by DonJazzy and that was the big news. It has been ages since the label exec got on a drum machine. At least, it has been a while he did anything we actually consumed. The track is doing numbers as expected and should be charting next week all things considered.
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Godwin Emefiele is easily one of the most ridiculed personalities on NG Twitter and it is really hard to believe that the much-derided character is actually the governor of Nigeria’s apex bank. The CBN has had a slew of really unpopular policies in the past few years and one of them was the border closure which has worsened Nigeria’s long streak of economic downturn. Cryptocurrency seems to be Meffy’s latest muse, reiterating the ban on banks associating with digital currency. In the past week, a video from a summit had the governor trying to describe the digital currency to be the best of his ability and you could tell he did not understand the thing enough to form an opinion on it much less ban it. It fed into a trope that has become all too familiar with this administration-ban or restrict before figuring out an alternative. It showed with every policy that it has been involved with that had a ban as a factor in it.


Sheikh Abubakar Ahmad Gumi has become the most controversial character in the polity. With the spate of kidnappings going on in the country. Gumi has shown up to be the one person that the ‘bandits’ are comfortable with to interface between them and the government. The man has come off as rather controversial as his efforts, to Nigerians, are seen as trying to shield as well as launder the image of the criminals. He has said that Nigeria will rather be gentle with the ‘bandits’ as they are ‘aggrieved’. Why they are aggrieved? The sheikh has not quite said. He has even suggested the federal government offers them amnesty and jobs within its ranks for their troubles. It defies reason but you can imagine what the discourse is like on Twitter already. Featured Image Source: WeeTracker
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This article was first published on 26th February 2021


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