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  Social media has been a breeze since the last time we did this. Then again there is always stuff to talk about. Here goes your dose of gist during the course of the week.
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Thursday, a series of tweets showed up that shocked an already shocked “political” Twitter. The tweet came from the Federal Government’s handle stating that “bank account holders to fill out a form to verify who they are”. Needless, the Nigerian Twitter community kicked. Hard too. So hard, that by Friday, the tweet had been deleted and a “clarification” was put forward by the FIRS to the effect that the new rule did not apply to everyone. Many users have noted the suspicious nature of some of the obnoxious policies that different agencies have been putting forth since the last elections beginning with the border closure.  Here are a few reactions:
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DJ Cuppy

Nigerian DJ, Florence Otedola, daughter of Nigerian business tycoon, Femi Otedola broke the internet this past week when she and her sisters announced to the country how their uber-rich father casually took them shopping and bought them each a Ferrari. The social media space went crazy. The reactions have been everywhere from comedic to even sober. I came to the conclusion that Nigerians enjoy being flexed on. Coincidentally, rapper Olamide also copped himself a Lamborghini around the same time. I just wonder what roads these exotic models will be driven on. However, trust Nigerians not to sit this one out.


Election time is crunch time in this country and we know this because it is that time again in Edo and Ondo States. Increased police presence and general tension tell you just that. Interestingly, the FG is deploying thousands of policemen to Edo this weekend when Southern Kaduna is clearly under-policed. How typical, right? Anyways the elections in Edo is on Saturday so vote wisely and remember that misusing your vote will have serious consequences on your future. Stay safe while you vote, please. So there is our roundup. You probably think there should be more but these were the very biggest trends on the social media space asides the much-reviewed reality TV show (you know the one). So meet me here next week for more gist. Stay blessed, readers. Featured Image Source: Daily Post NG
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This article was first published on 19th September 2020


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