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  This week has been eventful as usual on the social media space (obviously some weeks are more eventful than others). Some of these events cut across from mundane to profound stuff.
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The Lagos State Government lifts the ban on religious gatherings:

Early in the week, the state government announced religious gatherings from Friday, August 7, 2020. The announcement has been met with mixed feelings. While many ponder the wisdom in this decision given the reason for the ban is still there in the first place- the coronavirus- has not quite abated, others think it wise for people to be able “seek the face of God” in His sanctuary-the church. I, personally, honestly hope it does not backfire.


In a related trend, Pastor Sam Adeyemi’s Daystar Christian Centre has been trending for deciding not to let service commence in their own premises in spite of the rescinding of the gathering ban on churches.
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US officials revealed that the bandits who have ravaged Nigeria’s north for months now may, in fact, be offshoots of the Al-Qaeda and Islamic State terrorists. Nigeria’s trouble with terrorists seems not to be going away anytime soon, apparently. Following the announcement, the governor of Borno State-hotbed of the Boko Haram insurgency-cried foul as to the activities of the military in the war against insurgency. This was against the backdrop of an assault on his convoy on its way to Baga that is believed to be held by terrorists against reports by the Army to the contrary.


Social media seems to be in a frenzy about a student duo who have gone viral for picking their teacher up in a Benz. The hashtag has spun really funny jokes and influencers are all getting in on the act. The video that sparked it all has since been revealed to be only a skit by the duo themselves on their Instagram Stories. That has been our round-up. Hope you catch us next week for more on Social Media Trends. Featured Image Source: Naijagospelradio
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This article was first published on 8th August 2020


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