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BBC This week has been eventful as usual on the social media space (obviously some weeks are more eventful than others). Some of these events cut across from mundane to profound stuff.
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  • Magu: Over the weekend and week, Ibrahim Magu went from acting chairman of the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to the former acting chairman of the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). The sudden nature of that news created a buzz and many writers went in on how Magu nailed his own coffin by overreaching his powers as anti-graft boss. More interesting were the conspiracy theorists that said Magu was part of a certain political bloc that has its eyes trained on power in 2023 and that ousting him was part of the larger goal of neutralizing that bloc by another powerful bloc. Curiously, Magu’s time as chairman has by definition been controversial due to the fact that he has stayed “acting” since 2015 because the National Assembly never quite signed off on his appointment and the president was not necessarily keen on bowing to their pressure to remove him. Which made his removal all the more shocking as many thought him a Buhari loyalist. As we speak charges have been levelled against him but only at the level of the executive arm and beyond suspension he has not been indicted of anything. He was briefly held in detention by state security but has since been allowed to walk. I believe more on the matter will be heard soon enough. This is Nigeria after all.

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  • Wizkid: Afrobeats sensation, Wizkid celebrated his thirtieth birthday this week and he did by dropping a new single on which he featured American female crooner H.E.R. this may not be the music review but the track is decent and H.E.R.’s verse was a highlight. Staying on the matter, Wizkid has shot to fame at a most opportune time in the industry and timing and talent has served to place him at the pinnacle of Nigeria music culture. For one thing, he made music attractive to the youngest demographics when he started out and alongside, social media has seen to it that we won’t be forgetting StarBoy in a hurry. Happy Baiday, Wiz.
  • RIP Fahim Sahel: We all woke up on Wednesday to the rather shocking news of the gruesome killing of Gokada co-CEO and founder in his New York flat. The details of the condition in which his remains were found are just too gory to relay here and it was just hard to imagine the grief his many family, friends, and workers will be going through at this point.  Mr Saleh was 33 and had been a serial tech entrepreneur of our time with a particular interest for transport solutions as he went on to found Pathao in his native Bangladesh even before blessing the Nigerian tech space with Gokada. He was a venture capitalist of note with investments around the world especially Third World countries and the time of his death was pivoting Gokada from ride-hailing into logistics and fast delivery having had to lay-off a great number of their staff thanks to the Lagos State Government’s Okada ban in February. Presently, New York City police have arrested his former PA in relation to the murder and we will stand by for more facts. May his soul rest in peace.
That has been our round-up. Hope you catch us next week for more on Social Media Trends. Featured Image Source: BBC
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This article was first published on 17th July 2020 and updated on July 20th, 2020 at 12:10 pm


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