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  This Friday, social media has been buzzing (as ever) and in the never-ending vortex of information and conversation, we cherry-picked some of the most relevant and germane in our weekly round-up of social media trends. So here goes.
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D’Banj And Seyitan

There seems to be no letting up in the drama that has followed accusations levelled against ace music star D’Banj with respect to rape against a certain Miss Seyitan. The matter has taken different dimensions as many seemingly insincere as it has simply turned on the trend to be relevant. It has even spurned another trend #feminist coven. While not many facts have been established as to absolve D’Banj or incriminate him, the whole issue has spurned a gender war of some sorts and the issues at hand do not seem to matter as much. Segun Awosanya who has been the darling of the human rights community even drew the ire of the feminists for stating the ‘facts’ as he knows. It is sad but it is worthy to note that at least we are having these conversations, which is a good thing.

Dr Olufunmilayo Earlier in the week, a former consort of popular Twitter medical advocate, Dr Harvey Olufunmilayo took to Twitter to accuse him of ‘sexual and physical abuse’. A lot was said and he was quiet for a while but Friday morning, he issued a statement through his legal counsel demanding compensation as well as an apology for what he considers spurious and baseless accusations, a failure to comply in seven days which would warrant a lawsuit. Note that both parties seem to have been lovebirds until just days before the said accusations were thrown up. Dr Olufunmilayo himself was part of a hoard that has unequivocally called out said “rapists” on Twitter which made it quite poetic that he was the one on the spot for…You guessed right-rape. We will keep you posted, however, as by this time next week, he’ll either be carrying through legal proceedings or be ten thousand pounds richer or dealing with a countersuit, himself. Fingers crossed.
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Dr Anu

Celebrity cosmetic surgeon, Dr Anuoluwapo Adepoju,  has been arrested and is being charged to court for her complicity in the death of one Nneka Onwuzuluigbo. Those familiar with Twitter would recall that a popular influencer accused her of botching her plastic surgery to the point that she nearly died. It did not end there. She was said to have engineered the arrest of the said influencer. So to many in the Twitter space, it would seem like poetic justice. Then we are talking about the death of someone here so justice needs to be done.


The fintech highflyer has on Thursday announced that it would be putting an end to its ride-hailing services, OCar and ORide which have either become redundant or lost generators for the overall venture. The issue generated a discussion around how the harmful macroeconomic policies of government on all tiers have continued to hamper the growth of business even while the government continues to tout the opposite. Sadly, many jobs have been lost and this might seriously impact the economy, negatively. These are some of the trends that were responsible for much of the buzz on social media in the past week. Come back for more next week. Featured Image Source: Premium Times NG
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This article was first published on 3rd July 2020


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