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  Growing your reach on a platform like Facebook can be daunting and intimidating. First, you’re up against your competitors. You also can’t afford to rely on only organic reach unlike in the past. How then do you increase your reach on Facebook?
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We share some tips to ensure that your content gets the exposure it deserves.

Post At The Appropriate Moment

Because of the hundreds of posts that stream the Facebook timeline every day, publishing at the appropriate time is critical to being noticed. The recommended timing for posting on Facebook is at least twice a day. Following this schedule will boost your chances of being identified by your target market. It’s also a good method to keep your posts current, relevant, and aligned with your brand’s messaging. Although most studies recommend posting at least twice a day, it is still important to experiment and see what works for your brand.

Schedule Your Post 

One thing you can’t afford to neglect in your Facebook posting strategy is consistency. If you want to increase your reach on Facebook, then you must post on a daily (or near-daily) basis. This is because consistency allows you to boost your presence and shows the Facebook algorithm that you’re active.
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To achieve this consistency, you can queue up content with apps like Sendible and native tools like Facebook Studio to ensure you’re always releasing new content.

Use Facebook Ads To Gain More Followers 

Paying for Facebook ads is now a must in a Facebook marketing strategy given the fall of organic reach. While you should focus on providing valuable content and targeting your audience with value, ads are a direct approach to capture the attention of your target audience.

Leverage Video And Facebook Live

Video has earned a reputation of being the most powerful content form* to gain followers. Irrespective of what your goals may be, incorporating video into your content strategy is a great decision that can earn you more likes and shares on Facebook. Featured Image Source: Boostlikes
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This article was first published on 21st August 2021


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