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  If there is one business that needs to be on social media, it is a restaurant.
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Being able to market food effectively relies on beautiful visuals, a strong brand presence, and overall great content. Social media offers a cheap yet powerful way to do this, unlike most traditional marketing strategies. If you’ve just opened a restaurant or want to incorporate social media in your marketing strategy, here are 5 steps you can follow to guarantee success.

Create Decent Social Media Profiles 

The first step in restaurant social media marketing is to create decent profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Like many, your go-to platforms may be Facebook and Instagram, but you should also establish a Twitter account. Start by filling out your profiles on these platforms with a short bio about your restaurant, a link to your website, and an address. Once you’ve set up your profiles, make great content and unique branding your top priorities. Great content entails sharing nice visuals of your dishes, behind-the-scenes, relevant content, and trends in your industry. When it comes to branding, focus on creating a unique logo, images, and a restaurant hashtag.

Make Images Your Primary Form Of Content 

It’s impossible to effectively market a restaurant on social media without posting regular visuals of the dishes on social media. Given the appeal of food, you already have an edge in attracting the attention of your audience. To ensure your audience stays glued to the dishes you prepare, take quality photos. Make sure they showcase neat mouthwatering dishes and the best you can offer. Canva is a great tool for creating brand social images for your restaurant.
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Stay Active And Participate 

This means actively engaging with both your online and offline tribe. Keep abreast of local events in your city, engage in these initiatives, and come up with some. There are several opportunities to look out for from business fairs to seminars, webinars, coaching, and more. For instance, you could set up a food stand at a business fair. Also, keep an eye on your competitors to gain content ideas, engage with their audience, and build your network.

Host Social Media Contests

Running social media contests is a powerful way to drive engagement on social media. You can ask your followers to leave comments to increase their chances of winning a prize and select the winner using a randomizer network. Or you can pose questions and award the person with the best answer. Hosting contests via live videos is an effective way to maximise the result of your contests. This is due to the sense of urgency that live videos create – people are more likely to participate and wouldn’t want to miss such a deal given the time limit of live videos.

Show Behind The Scenes 

Giving your customers a glimpse of what goes on in the background of your business is a great way to personalise your brand and create a bond between you and your customers. Take your customers behind the scene of your restaurant, giving them a tour of the tasty dishes and your employees. This humanises your brand and makes it easy for people to relate to your business. People would be more likely to spread the word about your restaurant! Featured Image Source: Ofadaa Blog
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This article was first published on 26th August 2021


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