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Instagram has been shown to be the most engaging of all the social media platforms. A platform of such standing should be utilised in the best ways possible to create brand awareness and convert prospects to leads. What have your marketing strategies been like so far in the year 2018? How can you do better? Here are some insightful tips that can help you gain more sales and engagement on the Instagram platform in the year 2019. Let Your Bios Be Short And Succinct
Your Instagram bios are the first things people see when they click on your page. As a result, they give prospects all the information they need about your brand in an instant. This is why your bio should be succinct, catchy, and straight to the point. Interestingly, Instagram bios have a maximum of 150 characters. With few words, you can effectively sell your business in the best way possible. Remember to hint about what makes your business beneficial, unique, and personal to your prospects. Also, don’t forget to include links to your website, channel, or other accounts. You really do not have to exhaust the 150-word limit. Always aim for brevity while avoiding unnecessary details. Let Your Photos Speak For You
Instagram is a highly visual social media platform. Hence, the need for beautiful quality photos with uncluttered layouts. Industries like food, beauty, and fashion must pay paramount attention to their photos because people appreciate these industries through what they see. Let Your Content Resonate With Your Audience
Create content that is unique but at the same time resonates with your prospects and customers. What are people searching for in my industry? What are my competitors posting? These are questions that should guide you when creating content. Once you know what your audience is searching for, you’ve won half the battle; at least, you’re on your way to becoming an authority in your niche which brings us to the next point. Aim To Be An Authority In Your Niche So you must have heard the saying that Content is King and Engagement is Queen. Once you have good content, then you need to start actively engaging with your followers. Always reply to comments under your post and on pages where your followers can be found. Your goal should be to be found anywhere people are searching. Also, learn to utilize hashtags effectively. Here is a post on that. Make Use Of Instagram Features
There are so many tools or features on the Instagram platform that can help you drive higher engagement. Some of these tools include stories, filters, video and the newly introduced Instagram TV (IGTV). Take Advantage Of Instagram Influencers We now have social media personalities called micro- influencers. Micro-influencers are different from the traditional macro-influencers due to the fact they have smaller amounts of followers but tend to drive higher engagement. You should employ the services of micro-influencers that resonate with your audience and are capable of driving higher engagement. Here is a detailed post on how to effectively work with micro-influencers.   Feature Image Source: Vishal Kangane

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This article was first published on 26th December 2018


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