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In order to write social media posts that drive engagement, you need to be conversant with the different types of posts that successful influencers and businesses use. Businesses that succeed online don’t post to solely promote their products. They post to interest, impress and engage their followers. 

They also make sure they post varying types of posts instead of relying on just one type. If you’re looking for a way to ensure that your followers do not perceive your business as one that just wants to sell a product, then you need to vary your posts to maximise your social media engagement. Thankfully, there are several types of posts you can use for your page. Here are some of them below.

Sales-Driven Posts

This, unfortunately, is the first type of post most brands rely on because it is easy to make and, on the surface, it seems very effective. However, people can easily spot when a social media page lacks engagement and is all about promotion. On top of that, social networks can also spot this and only make such social media pages invisible to their followers. 

In order to make the best use of sales-driven posts, try to limit them to only about 10% percent of your content so that you can avoid coming across as too promotional. 

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Engagement Post

These kinds of posts should make up a large percentage of your posts on social media. They do not promote your brand but they promote general brand growth and keep your audience engaged with your audience. This is where you showcase aspects of your brand such as product features, stunning photography and other things that relate to your brand. If you can pull off engagement posts well, you will not only succeed in piquing your followers’ interest but also prevent your brand from appearing too promotional.

Promotion Of Blog Posts

This one is common among bloggers and information/entertainment websites. In order to promote their blog, they may just share a link and post a small snippet of the latest post. They also include the post’s featured image to make it more appealing. Just like sales-driven posts, it is important not to overdo blog promotion posts. Include them as part of your entire posting output and don’t use them exclusively. 


People love to be kept informed and follow topics that are trending. You can leverage this by posting news and topics that have a buzz around them. However, you should always ensure that you find a way to tie these kinds of posts to your business in some way. If they do not relate to your business in any way, they may divert your audience’s attention from the message of your brand. 

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Ask Questions 

Asking questions is another powerful way to drive engagement on your page. This is where you throw a relevant question to your followers to encourage them to post their views and opinions on a particular topic or situation. When you’re asking questions, always make sure they relate to your brand and target audience

Giveaway/Contests Posts

This is yet again another way for encouraging engagement on your page. Bear in mind that such posts should be brand specific and giveaways should be related to your brand. 

Screenshot Posts 

Screenshot posts are usually used when you want to demonstrate something such as product features to your brand. They are effective because people tend to trust a brand when they can see things for themselves. 

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This article was first published on 30th October 2019


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