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Social Media Influencer Of The Week: Toni Tones

In 2018, one of the actresses who made waves in the entertainment industry was Toni Tones. She captivated many movie lovers when she starred in the box office smash, King of BoysWithin a short space of time, Toni Tones has become one of the most sought-after actresses in Nollywood. Her critically acclaimed performance in King of Boys established as her a Nollywood icon in the making and showcased her acting prowess for the world to see. 

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Rise To Fame 

Prior to her foray into acting, Toni Tones was mostly known as a photographer and actor. According to her, it was quite difficult breaking into the acting industry because most people already classified in a certain category. 

 “It was tough being accepted as an actor because people knew me as a photographer and after then, a musician. Hearing that I was an actor as well, I think it was hard for them to take me seriously initially. It seemed like having more than one career was looked upon as a bit of a crime; people tend to be more comfortable putting you in a box…… but I was determined to break the box, I’m not here to make anyone comfortable, I’m here to achieve,” she said in an interview with Aura Magazine. 

Indeed, she succeeded in shattering the proverbial box as she went on to star in movies such as It’s Her Day (2016), The Royal Hibiscus (2017), The Eve (2018), leading up to her role in King of Boys. According to Toni Tones, she didn’t audition for the role she played in King of Boys. She revealed she had originally auditioned for the role of Kemi Salami, which was later given to Adesua Etomi. However, she got her subsequent role as the young Eniola due to her overall impressive performance on the set of the movie.

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Impact In The Industry 

Toni Tones took a break from music to focus on her acting career. Her goal was for people to see her as a true actor and not just a musician. Since she has achieved prominence as an actress, she’s back to making music. Interestingly, she was on two of the soundtracks in her 2018 movie Lara and the Beat. When it comes to photography, Toni has worked for the likes of D’banj. She still does photographic work both behind and in front of the camera.    

Toni is a quite vocal celebrity. She uses her platform on Twitter to draw attention to issues relating to feminism. 

On Plans For The Future…

Toni Tones says she hopes to have broken into Hollywood in five years. 

“Five years from now, I should also be well settled into producing and directing my own films, providing opportunities for actors and contributing to the Nollywood narrative,” she says. 

Featured Image Source: FabWoman

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