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Social media is the ideal platform for one to build a community. Irrespective of your views or orientation, there is always an audience for you. No better person buttresses this point than Ifedayo Agoro, the fast-rising Instagram influencer who has built a community of Nigerian women eager to be heard.

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Known for her Instagram Page, “Diary of a Naija Girl”, Agoro shares personal stories that are geared toward the emancipation of women. Agoro started her page with a clear objective – to share stories that touch on the everyday experiences of women such as sexual abuse, oppression, sexism, emotional abuse, and more. It is no surprise that she has garnered over 300,000 followers comprising many Nigerian women as well as some men.

Initially, Agoro ran her Instagram page without revealing her face. This, according to her, was a way of connecting to people without putting a face to her brand. Concealing her face succeeded in adding a touch of mystery to her page and proved that with a flair for storytelling and the ability to capture the right audience, anyone can become a successful influencer on social media.

Though she recently unveiled her face to mark her 37th birthday, Agoro had already succeeded in establishing an unshakable image – one that inspires many Nigerian women to follow their dreams despite the obstacles that they may face. She further fuels this inspiration by always reminding her community of how she rose from grass to grace.

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Her Instagram page “Diary of a Nigerian Girl” is indeed a “diary” containing stories from many anonymous women. The page gives women the liberty to share their stories by maintaining anonymity.  It has also been instrumental in spearheading various campaigns aimed at putting an end to crimes against women such as rape, domestic violence, and human trafficking.

Given Nigeria’s recent attention towards rape incidents in the country, “Diary of a Nigerian Girl” has been a place of solace for women who have come forward to share their stories of sexual abuse. Agoro constantly posts these stories on the page not only to raise awareness but also to solicit help for these women if possible.

In a time when Nigeria is still yet to achieve gender equality, Agoro is using her platform to hasten the process and eliminate the obstacles that prevent women from reaching their full potentials.  

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This article was first published on 5th June 2020


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