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  In a country where the unemployment rate is high, youths need to find ways to carefully consider the decisions they take towards securing a better future. One individual who is committed to youth empowerment and who uses his platform to draw attention to this issue is Dipo Awojide. Known as Dr Dipo on Twitter, Awojide helps in enlightening young people on how they can advance their careers amid unfavourable conditions.
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Who is Dipo Awojide? Awojide is a senior lecturer in Strategy at Nottingham Business School (UK) and Founder of BTDT Hub and BTDT Home Tutors. He obtained a degree from the University of Abuja, a master’s degree in International Business with distinctions from Coventry University (UK), and a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from Loughborough University (UK). He has worked in the Banking and Financial Services Sector and as a Researcher in the Human Resources Department at Brush Turbogenerators (UK). Influence Awojide turned his focus to Career and Personal Development coaching after realising that the Nigerian education system is more theoretical based and falls short in equipping students with employable skills that will help them thrive in the real world. With no proper guidance and preparation while in school, many students are left clueless about how to navigate the job market when they enter the real world. Their lack of employable skills makes them unattractive to employers and limits their chances of securing high-paying jobs.
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On top of that, there are not enough jobs to go around for everyone. Even individuals who are qualified and have employable skills find it difficult landing jobs that match their qualifications. Seeing this problem, Awojide decided to enlighten the youths, by providing career coaching and guidance to help them scale their careers. In addition to delivering training on skills and employability, Awojide shares professional and personal development tips to inspire young people to take action in advancing their careers and have an edge in today’s job market. He also equips students in search of greener pastures with a university exit strategy to help them advance their careers. He has been active throughout 2020, speaking at various events as well as engaging with students and decision-makers via social media live sessions. Awojide has been invited to speak at the Kenyan High Commission and the Ministry of Education in Kenya, where he was invited to engage over 300 Kenyan Students on how to create a University Exit Strategy. He has also been invited by the Nigerian Economic Summit Group and the African Development Bank to make presentations about human capital development, job creation, and youth development. In 2019, he appeared on LinkedIn’s annual Top Voices list. The list recognises professionals in different industries who are actively involved in community development through the conversations they raise on social media. Featured Image Source: Head Topics
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This article was first published on 31st July 2020 and updated on August 6th, 2020 at 11:15 pm


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