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Social Media Influencer Of The Week: Crazeclown

For many, the name Crazeclown or Papa Ade sure rings a bell. The comedian who is also an MC and a medical doctor has earned a large fanbase over the years due to his passion for comedy. What started as a childhood hobby for him has catapulted him to limelight and made him one of the most renowned Instagram comedians in Nigeria.

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Who is CrazeClown?

Born Emmanuel Ogonna Iwueke but popularly known as Crazeclown, he is a young creative, comedian, actor, dancer, MC, content creator, and medical doctor who hails from Imo State. He has three brothers and one sister. He studied medicine in Ukraine. In 2017, the comedian graduated as a medical doctor and was praised by many for successfully juggling comedy and medicine. 

You must have come across two or three of his social media videos where he imitates the typical African father and son relationship along with his sidekick Tega Akpobome who is popularly known as Ade. Crazeclown indeed has a quirky sense of humour and this has made him stand out as a social media comedian. 

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Rise to Fame 

Crazeclown’s love for entertainment became apparent from a young age. As a youngster, he would host events in school and participate in several plays. Seeing that Youtube was a big platform where he could showcase his talent, Crazeclown began posting comedy skits online. His videos which parodied the relationship between African fathers and their sons soon caught the attention of many because of how relatable they were. His big break came in 2013 when a large number of people had come to know about his comedy sketches and since then, he has acquired one of the largest followings among his contemporaries. 

Achievements and Plans for the Future 

With a whopping 3.1 million followers on Instagram combined with the engagement he enjoys on other social media platforms, Crazeclown easily stands out as one of the most talented comedians on Instagram. Asides from comedy, he has also proved himself as a professional entertainer. He plans to launch Crazeclown Productions, which he hopes will become an engaging platform on Nigerian television. 

Indeed, Crazeclown has come to stay and he is unarguably one of the personalities that have greatly benefited from social media platforms. 

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