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  Getting fashion or lifestyle tips from the internet is hardly a hurdle these days. We now have a plethora of bloggers and creators whom we can look up through “Mr Google“. But some creators just stand out without trying. They are the kind that leaves you coming back for more once you stumble upon them.
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One content creator who falls into this category is Cassandra Ikegbune. Popularly known as Cassie Daves, Ikegbune owns the Cassie Daves blog where she writes about fashion, travel, and lifestyle. The blog easily stands out from the pack for the relatable stories it contains about its creator. Cassie Daves’ dramatic switch from Medicine to Communications has been one of the most exhilarating stories on her blog and one that has resonated with many of her readers. In addition to a blog, she created the Cassie Dave Blog Planner, a tool for bloggers and creators. The blog planner is a 258-page pamphlet consisting of several features to help content creators and bloggers stay organised and productive while creating content.
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Cassie Daves is also very active on social media where she expresses her love for fashion and travel in pictures. With over 40,000 followers on Instagram, she has successfully built a community of budding content creators who derive value from her content It is phenomenal what Cassie Daves has achieved, given the fact that she studied Medicine and never really knew how things would turn out. However, her passion for blogging and social media has led her to build a career that allows her the freedom to share, inspire, and educate her audience. She is a trailblazing influencer who has succeeded in carving a niche for herself across travel, lifestyle, and fashion. Featured Image Source: Cassie Daves
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This article was first published on 4th December 2020


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