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  In commemoration of World Cancer Day,  social media personality and influencer Dr Chinonso Echemba (also known as Aproko Doctor) has carried out screening for cervical cancer on women living in Lagos.
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Under the #CervicalCancer movement of social media platforms, Nigerian women are becoming aware of the disease and seeking available treatment. Within just two days, about 40 ladies who were screened were discovered to be positive for dysplasia. They were all treated with cryotherapy and have been given a chance to enjoy a healthier life. These women were treated for free since the procedures cost as much as N120,000 or more in some medical centres. 
Aproko Doctor partnered with LifePro Medicare located on 1st Floor, ADOL House, beside GTB, Alausa Ikeja. Right there at LifePro lives are being saved and women who might not be able to afford treatment can now do so easily. The awareness is spreading significantly amongst them as more of them are coming en masse for screening.
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Cervical cancer is a malignant tumour of the cervix, in the lower part of the uterus. It is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) which is passed from one person to another through sexual intercourse. All women are at risk of having cervical cancer, but it commonly affects women over the age of 30. Common symptoms include unusual pain during intercourse, abnormal vaginal bleeding, weight loss, nausea, fatigue, pain in the pelvis, etc. Nigerians (especially women and children) deserve quality healthcare even when they cannot afford the money for medication. The government, medical institutions, and individuals should all play their part in helping Nigerians overcome some treatable diseases. Featured Image Source: Aprokodoctor
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This article was first published on 5th February 2022


Ohia, Ernest Chigaemezu is a writer, editor, and grade teacher based in Jos, Nigeria.

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