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Simeon’s Pivot is a Human Resources and Management Consulting company based in Lagos. It provides HR outsourcing, training, and recruitment services to Nigerian organizations. It also plans strategies, processes, and operations for its client businesses.

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The firm takes on the HR functions of several companies, allowing them to focus on their core activities. Through its consulting services, it enables SMEs and larger corporations to fix unproductive processes, and improve their employees’ performance.

Enahoro Okhae founded Simeon’s Pivot in 2009. In the years since its establishment, the company has grown its client base and expanded its range of solutions. It thrives in what is an increasingly competitive industry and has won the trust of numerous corporates. Mr Okhae is currently its Chief Managing Consultant.

Simeon’s Pivot helps organizations to develop performance management frameworks. It establishes Key Performance Indicators for them, handles their performance appraisals, and works with them to restructure their leadership setups. Businesses looking to create internal policies and procedure standards for their employees can have these done through the firm.

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Companies can also outsource their recruitment processes to Simeon’s Pivot. It builds pipelines of future hires for them and handles the whole hiring process from job adverts to pre-selection and interviews, and onboarding of successful candidates. It conducts background checks as well, to ensure that potential hires are suitable for the organizations they apply to.

Another offering from Simeon’s Pivot is its HR technology products. It engages a team of developers to build software that meets its clients’ HR needs. Client companies can deploy their software to simplify hiring, manage employees, manage claims, take care of payroll and accounting, and manage taxes.

Besides the bespoke software that it provides, Simeon’s Pivot markets the TalentBase web-based HR system. This solution works on smartphones, tablets, and desktops, so its users can take charge of HR processes wherever they are. This product delivers insightful analytics and business reports and allows businesses to maintain staff records without accumulating burdensome paper files.

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Simeon’s Pivot organizes training too. Its training sessions cover team building, business management, leadership development, personal productivity, performance management, and business communication. Some of its other programs upskill participants in business improvement, executive assistance, and sales and marketing.

Simeon’s Pivot has plenty of room for growth. There’s recently been a surge in the number of organizations seeking the assistance of professional Human Resources agencies. As this trend continues into the future, firms like Simeon’s Pivot will serve the businesses that want their help.

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This article was first published on 3rd June 2022


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