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  Evince Systems is a software development and technology consulting firm based in Lagos. It provides multi-cloud, business application, big data and analytics, automation, and tech-driven Human Resource consulting services to a variety of businesses in several industries. It particularly targets organizations in the banking, telecommunications, insurance, HR, Sports and Entertainment spheres, as well as public sector establishments.
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As a firm that’s deeply involved in reviewing and extracting insights from enterprise data, Evince Systems utilizes several tools to deliver on its projects, including an assortment of programming languages and protocols: C#, C++, Java, Python, Erlang, and several others. Evince Systems was founded in 2008 by a team of entrepreneurs who possessed varying skill-sets. Thanks to their cumulative years of experience in Nigeria’s technology arena, they have acquired the capacity to steer their company to sustained growth for more than 15 years. As it has expanded, Evince has strengthened its ability to serve commercial and industrial concerns. It now delivers services to some of Nigeria’s leading enterprises, as well as smaller businesses. One of the more widely patronized solutions from Evince Systems is its multi-cloud service. The company helps contemporary firms migrate their workloads and processes to the cloud, and sees to it that they maximize the benefits they derive from this technology. Other cloud services on offer from Evince are cloud architecture, cloud adoption support, serverless computing, and cloud-native development.
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Evince System also develops and modernizes applications for businesses. It is especially keen on helping its clients with the changes they need to effect across their legacy systems in order to make the most of digital technology. According to the team at Evince, it works to reduce its clients’ operating costs, improve their flexibility and response to demand on their applications, and increase speed to market for their digital products. Organizations all over the world are realizing the many competitive advantages that big data confers on them. So they are turning to big data analytics to make the most of the large tranche of customer and market data at their disposal. Firms like Evince Systems help businesses to utilize data analytics in the process of deciphering, collecting, and interpreting crucial business information. Data engineering, visualization, and security are all a part of this service class. Another of Evince Systems’ offerings is its automation of business processes. They support enterprises to design their workflows and automate their tasks. They achieve this by building and deploying bots that can take on monotonous and repetitive assignments. This frees human workers to focus on more complex duties.
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Evince Systems has developed the Oxus HR and payroll software for Human Resource personnel who want to manage the staff they oversee in the most efficient way possible. The resource can be used to initiate and track employee remunerations as well. Featured Image Source: Evince Systems
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This article was first published on 6th February 2023


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