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ElitePath is a software development training institute located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. It trains aspiring and existing software developers and digital marketers who want to build successful careers or businesses in the technology sector.

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The company is a key player in Port Harcourt’s rapidly expanding tech scene. Organizations like it are churning out persons who possess the skills they require to excel in that ecosystem. It’s partly due to their work that the city now contributes a growing part of Nigeria’s pool of tech talent.

Leo Ata and Ebibote Omobo founded elitePath in 2017. They did so after realizing that there weren’t many developers in Port Harcourt (and a lot of the ones who lived there didn’t have the up-to-date skills they needed to secure higher-paying gigs). Through elitepaths training programs, Leo and Ebibote have worked to change that status quo. They are pushing Port Harcourt’s tech space towards parity with what exists in cities like Lagos and Abuja.

A large segment of elitePath’s students are people who want to build a career in tech. But its training also caters to persons who want to start their own business in that sphere. Some of its trainees sign up for its programs because they want to transition away from their current careers and become developers. As a result, these classes typically consist of learners from diverse backgrounds.

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Facilitators at elitePath teach classes in full-stack web development. According to them, they have developed the curriculum for this course over a period of four years. They say that it integrates insights from student testing and feedback. They also promise that it covers everything a beginner needs to know about web development.

There’s also a course in front end web development, which helps attendees learn to build projects in HTML5 and CSS3. Students may take a course in back end web development too. This walks them through multiple steps to becoming a back end software engineer. Persons who sign up for this course get to build three full projects and ready themselves for employment as specialized developers.

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ElitePath trains product designers and digital marketers as well. Its product design course builds students’ capacities in User Interface Design, User Experience Research, Usability Testing, and Human Perception. Aspiring digital marketers learn how to promote businesses online across every major marketing channel.

Anyone who registers for elitePath’s training will get access to a closed community of experts and students, and watch its interactive videos featuring mentors and other learners. Each course comes with a certification, which the institute gives to students who complete its training sessions and assigned projects.

Persons who want to get in touch with elitePath can do so via its contact numbers or email. Both of these are listed on its website.

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This article was first published on 24th May 2022


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