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Connectnigeria_ShoptomyDoor What would it mean to have the world at your doorstep? Imagine your daughter wants a Disney Princess Back to School Collection from Disney Store, or you want a new Ford Mustang straight from the United States, with, you can now have products from all around the world delivered straight to your doorstep. is an air and ocean shipping service company that serves both individuals and organizations with fast, easy and cost effective shipping services to Nigeria. This means you can now shop from the U.S, UK, China and the rest of the world and have your products delivered to you without stress. also procures ships, clears and delivers cars, heavy equipment and power bikes to your door. For individuals who would like to shop from stores in the U.S, UK and China, you could use the E-Procure service. The E-Procure service is a specially designed mail/package forwarding service that enables you to use your Visa or Master Card to shop in stores like Amazon, eBay, Zappos etc. and have the products delivered right to your door in Nigeria in a few days. Visit for more information.

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This article was first published on 1st August 2014

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