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If you have ever been disappointed by how your pair of shoes had given way even though they were relatively new, you’re not alone. Shoes, like almost every other item, do not last forever and this may have nothing to do with use. Whether they are a pair of heels or sports shoes, time and matter have a lot to say about how long your shoes can last.

shoesSynthetic leather does have an unpredictable shelf life and this is something worth considering when you intend to buy a pair of shoes. Shelf life differs from material to material and for synthetic leather, once it starts to peel, almost nothing can be done about it. The unfortunate thing about them is that one may not be able to tell when the leather is about to peel. In unlucky cases, shoes may just begin to peel within a week or month of purchase, especially those that have stayed too long on the retailer’s shelf. Other alternatives are available if you are risk averse –go for genuine leather or shoes made from other materials like fabric.

shoesGlue is another factor which determines the lifetime of a pair of footwear. Whether adjoining the pointed heels of a stiletto pair or the soles of flats to the upper, glue can dry out with time, causing the component parts to give way. You probably may not notice this at the point of wearing because of a lack of pressure sufficient enough to split them apart. If, however, you have not used a pair of shoes in a while, inspect the soles thoroughly before wearing them out.

But shoes that have already begun to peel can still be redeemed. If they have gone beyond being concealed by polish, a pair of peeling leather shoes can be covered with fabric. You can do it yourself with the help of a pair of scissors, glue, and your choice fabric –which could range from the trendy ankara to suede or a variety of others.

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This article was first published on 19th October 2017


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