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The much expected Connect Nigeria Business Fair 2019 is finally here! As we prepare for this mega-event, deemed the largest gathering of entrepreneurs in Africa, there are a few safety tips we would like to share with you. Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS) will be full and very busy, so to make sure you lose none of belongings during the Fair, do the following:

Don’t Bring Anything Valuable with You

Please keep your expensive wristwatch, gold chains, and handbags at home. If the item is not meant to be sold at the fair, has a sentimental value or its loss will cause you pain, then don’t bring it to the venue at all. If you are driving, you can leave it in the glove compartment of your car. Have multiple forms of ID with you, the ones to leave at the hotel or place of residence and the ones to take to the venue. That way if you lose one, you have a backup ID. Keep your tags from the event properly so you can re-enter the venue on the second day of the event.

Note Where You Park Your Car

If you intend to drive to the fair, know that the business fair closes at 7 pm. If you park your car in the daytime, make sure it is in a place where there are security agents, security lights and ease of navigation. Also, make sure you park in the official designated parking lot.

Be Observant

When you get seated for the conference, take note of the people sitting around you. If you notice a suspicious, report to the nearest security agent. Keep your bag close to you when forcing your way through the crowd towards the raffle draw segment.

Keep Your Wallet and Phone in a Secure Area

Protect your wallet and phones like you would your cash. Don’t drop them absent-minded. Don’t plug your phones to charge and walk away; stay close by. Put your phone and wallet in the front pockets of your trouser or in a hidden segment of your handbag or purse.

Mobile Clinic

A mobile clinic will be available. If you happen to have an injury or need urgent medical attention, please alert any of the ushers and you will be directed to the mobile clinic.

Once you’ve taken the necessary safety precautions, you are ready to have a worry free time at the Business Fair. If you happen to find a missing item, you can report to the Connect Nigeria enquiries booth within the Fair Arena. 

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This article was first published on 25th April 2019


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