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 ‘A leader is a dealer in hope.’ Napoleon Bonaparte
Now more than ever, Nigeria is in need of true leadership. A leader that is compassionate and patriotic. One who understands that his allegiance is to the people of Nigeria and not just to those who voted for him. This great nation yearns for a leader that will bring healing; one that can navigate the turbulence of our diversity and bring about fairness and prosperity. Enough of rudderless leadership, concerned with stomach infrastructure. We need leaders who are neck-deep in protecting constitutional and fundamental human rights.
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This is our reality. Nigeria is a country that is blessed with great diversity, intellectuals, and resources that should translate into enormous strength and is, however, barely scratching the surface of survival. Nigeria has somehow continued to suffer the consequences of bad leadership. We have for too long recycled those leaders who have, at some point in our history, piloted us into great penury. We have religiously enthroned those who have given us cause to lose hope. Nigeria is in its current state because of the inertia of government at all levels. To a proactive or reactive government, whichever they choose to align with, the events of 20th October 2020 should have served as a warning as to how far citizens are willing to go in their quest to achieve justice, how deeply their actions and inactions affect the people they swore an oath to protect, and how gravely they have failed to uphold the constitutional rights of their subjects. However, barely four months after the carnage at the Lekki Toll Gate, the Nigerian government has figuratively spat on the graves of patriots who lost their lives in the struggle for human rights and added salt to the wounds of those who still have visible scars from the struggle by treating armed bandits more humanely than peaceful protesters all over the federation. Terrorists have had sit-downs over ‘tea and bread’ with government officials while force and brutality have been meted out on those who dared to speak up and fight for the enthronement of human rights in Nigeria. Similarly, the Lagos state government proceeded to demolish the settlements of those who witnessed the massacre take place at the Toll Gate and swiftly moved to resume taking tolls at the same bloody gate. The latter has further aggrieved Lagosians who have taken to the streets for another wave of protests (#OccupyLekkiTollGate).
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In context, this is a plain statement from the Lagos State government that they do not have respect, whatsoever, for the plights, lives lost, hopes dashed, and blood spilt on the Nigerian flag, as a result of the #LekkiMassacre during the #EndSARS protests. This time around, like the first, the government has met the agitations against injustice with more injustice and the cry against brutality and force with more brutality and force. This can be seen with the deployment of armed policemen. Lekki Toll Gate practically looks like a war zone and I kid you not, they are not for Boko Haram. No, they are not. The heavily armed personnel at the toll gate are for unarmed peaceful protesters. Agonisingly, Nigeria is run like a ‘shepherdless’ cattle because rudderless people are at the helm of affairs. The time was ripe for leaders, all over the country, to assume the position they begged and toured to get but a clampdown is what is been witnessed in Nigeria. The government was very quick to refer to peaceful protesters as terrorists while they have struggled to face and tackle the menace caused by killer herdsmen and armed bandits throughout the interior of major Nigerian states.
 ‘Leadership is solving problems.’ Colin Powell
Nicely put by Colin Powell, however, when leadership does not solve problems, people resort to self-help. Self-help, otherwise, is known as anarchy. In the last four months, activists have been born out of people who never, in their wildest dreams,  thought that they would be at the forefront of any struggle. Thus, the more there is a lack of leadership, the more the country is inundated by activists and the more the country is overwhelmed by activists, the more the government loses control over the people.
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True, the government of the day, at all levels, are legitimate governments, however, their legitimacy stems from the people that put them in positions of power and as soon as they stop or neglect their responsibility of serving the interest of the Nigerian people, they lose their legitimacy. Thus, the government at all levels in Nigeria has continued to lose its legitimacy. To the rudderless leadership in this country, you were all born out of the struggle and have turned 360 to become what you fought against, thus, the revolutionary can be silenced but the revolution will surely continue. The current movement spearheaded by Nigerian youths is an idea that cannot be defeated.
‘No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come.’ Victor Hugo
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This article was first published on 13th February 2021 and updated on February 16th, 2023 at 10:25 am


I am a poet. I am a moderate thinker who abhors radicalism on every front and believes that most things are relative. I am a social and political critic. I love writing, reading and international politics.

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    Search your location or postcode to find a physician near you Ellansé is an innovative new treatment, which is injected in a similar manner to traditional dermal fillers, however as the outer gel gradually dissolves away it leaves behind a substance called polycaprolactone (PCL) which stimulates new collagen production in the area surrounding the filler. Ellansé™ M – Full face rejuvenation inc cheeks, tear trough under eye, jawline and temples. Results will last over 2 years due to natural collagen stimulation You will get natural looking and immediate results, that last from 1 to 4 years* depending on which Ellansé® option your physician recommends to you. The correction is maintained for the duration of the option chosen enabling you to avoid multiple sessions. What can I expect during my Ellanse consultation?

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  • Before scheduling an appointment with MedCare Express, you must first register with the State of Connecticut. The first step in that process is to complete an online application that also will detail appropriate documents and other steps that must be taken before you are cleared to receive your CT medical marijuana card. However, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, marijuana is deemed a Schedule 1 substance along the lines of ecstasy and LSD. In the eyes of the federal government, it has no acceptable medical use. In the state of Connecticut, marijuana has been legalized for recreational use as of July 2021. It should go without saying that the current classification of marijuana as a Schedule I drug is an antiquated classification, preventing use for patients with APRNs as their primary care-giver.
    Join the conversation Article content TORONTO — Ontario has selected 42 operators who can apply to run the next wave of cannabis shops in the province but some analysts say the new stores still won’t be enough to combat pot sold on the black market. The Ontario government says it plans to take a “phased approach” to introducing retail cannabis stores, with only a handful of licences being handed out at first. “It’s a mountain too steep and too high for just about everybody,” says Phillips, who was acting head of the Ontario Cannabis Store under the former government. “Even the most prepared retail operators out there are really going to struggle to turn things around that quickly.” Houston, Nova Scotia’s premier, said he was “disappointed” in the decision, which is adding costs for people at a time when they’re already hurting.

  • Connect with us: Quand il s’agit d’herbe, Snoop Dogg sait où placer son argent. Snoop Dogg est maintenant copropriétaire de Canopy Growth, la Selon lui, “personne ne veut promouvoir la consommation de drogues, mais il faut gérer le problème. L’erreur d’une société est quand elle veut invisibiliser un problème qui touche pourtant plein de strates de celle-ci”. Les personnes et entités qui n’ont pas d’établissement au Canada et qui se livrent à la fourniture, à l’intention de personnes ou entités se trouvant au Canada, de l’un des services ci-après et qui les fournissent à leurs clients se trouvant au Canada : Le ministère des Affaires étrangères Russe a condamné la récente légalisation du cannabis au Canada, selon le journal Newsweek. En
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