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  According to Contentfly, copywriting is “the art of writing with the intent of having a customer take a specific action”. More than just sending random emails, running ads, or making social media posts, copywriting helps persuade customers to buy a product. It is one thing to show your customer how cool your features are and another to convince them why buying your product is their only option. 
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Several businesses have struggled to keep up with the tide and make sales because they are not able to convince consumers to make purchases. This only means one thing, they are getting their copywriting wrong. What those social media posts do is bring your prospects into your funnel. You are only grabbing their attention, to visit your website, online store, or social media pages. What will make them buy is your copy. So, will you leave them hanging when they get to check you out? Not, you need to be able to “drag” them to make purchases. Your business needs copywriting services for your landing page, website, social media ads, and email marketing campaigns. In this article, I will highlight two major roles of copywriting; that is, the reason why you need to get into that action right away.
  • Invokes Storytelling

Who doesn’t like stories, especially those that are well crafted? No one. Even if you aren’t reading them off a book, listening to someone narrate an event can be pretty interesting.
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Think of it as your regular gist with a friend. When there is a “hot gist”, you will want to know more. It is the same thing with your marketing. Your customers are not robots that just want to see you littering your website with “buy now” or “on-sale”. They are humans and need to be communicated with. This is what copywriting does. Good copywriting tells the unique story of your brand and how it is interested in your customers. For instance, having a copy that tells your prospects their pain points when it comes to skincare and how your product wipes their tears, is better than just saying your product is the best in town. They’ve heard that several times. This is where the hook, story offer technique comes in. you hook them with a line of wonder, tell them the story of how you or others have scaled through that pain and then you offer the product to them, using a solid call to action (CTA) strategy. Trust me, more prospects will be willing to buy when you do this.
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  • Achieves Consistency

This is why you need to get your brand message right from the onset. Your tone, voice, images, design, etc., should be consistent to a very large extent. It will help prospects identify you in the mixed multitude. Imagine that a fellow that dresses like a street person one day, like a church boy another, and like a party freak the next, what category will you place such a person in? That’s right, you’d be utterly confused. So, don’t confuse your audience by having different dressing patterns.  Achieving this consistency is what copywriting does for you. When you have the desired structure, a copywriter will be able to draft brand stories around the same structure. This way, prospects know you for a thing across social media and other messaging platforms. Undoubtedly, when you can tell captivating stories and maintain consistency, you will be able to boost your sales. Engage the copywriting strategy and see your business record more sales. Featured Image Source: iStock
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This article was first published on 20th June 2022


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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