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By Pamela Agboga
kentaki wings
kentaki wings/chicken wings with a side order of chips and coleslaw

Scouza’s offers a variety of meals, from Appetisers and Sandwiches, to Platters, Plates and Pizzas. Appetizers include Hummus, Balila, Fattoush, and Tuna/Oriental/Shrimp Salad. The Sandwich list covers burgers, shawarmas and regular sandwiches. On the Platters menu are BBQs kebabs and other grilled meals. Plates menu showcases the friends we know; jollof and fried rice with options of chicken, fish, beef or gizzard. You can have your choice of Pizzas- Margarita, Vegetarian, Pepperoni, Tuna, Shrimps, Cheese, etc. I had something from the Platter section: Kentaki wings- The chef came personally to ask me my choice of the wings, turns out I could have it cooked in a sauce, which makes it chicken wings, or dipped in eggs and breadcrumbs and grilled as kentaki wings. In the end we settled on a half and half creation. He would make it both ways, and I can decide which way I’d like it next time. It took a bit of time to create, close to thirty minutes, within which period people who came in after me had already tucked into their orders of rice and shawarma. But I was ready to wait.
kentaki and chicken wings
close up:kentaki chicken coated in dark brown batter; chicken wings cooked in sauce.

Finally it appeared, and they mean what they mean when they say Platter. There was hardly any room for a fork and knife manoeuvre.  The kentaki wings were great, but if you don’t like the scotch in scotch eggs, don’t go anywhere near it. The coating is thick, but falls away to reveal smooth, soft chicken flesh. The sauce for the chicken wings has carrots and baby green peppers in it, spicy with a slow burn on the tongue, and true to the chef’s recommendation; it would be great with rice. The meal came with a side dish of chips and coleslaw, great fillers. What I loved: They made sure they got your exact orders before preparing; the chef came out every time a customer was unsure of the orders, and explained the content of the meals with foreign names. I’ll be back soon, for a sandwich and a cup of cappuccino. I’ve heard it’s great!   Location: First Floor, Leisure Mall Food Court, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere   For deliveries: 08080000082, 08080000083  

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This article was first published on 19th April 2013


Chojare Pamela Agboga is a Legal Practitioner, Writer, Editor, Chartered Secretary and Administrator. She is currently working on her first novel 'Weekends are for Loving' as well as a devotional for women.

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