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When I first heard about this hangout spot, I didn’t know what to expect. The name is not fancy at all. It had me thinking of scraps instead of food. But when I visited Junkyard Grills which is located at Durban Street, Neighborhood Park, Riverplate Garden, Wuse 2, Abuja my perspective changed. Within a short time, I became one of their regular customers. Here are my thoughts on the ambience, food and service.

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Ambience: Junkyard has a rustic charm about it. But the decor is so artistic it looks like an art shrine of sorts. This makes it picture perfect. You’d love the artistic painting on the Volkswagen, the bold and beautiful ‘I ️  Abuja‘ sign, the creative use of space and the craftsmanship evident in the setup. You’d also appreciate the multiple sitting options. When my friends and I visit in the evening, we sit outdoors because the weather is cooler then; we consider nature’s cool breeze as part of the junkyard package. The DJ is a full vibe. He delivers non-stop hits; this sets the tone for a great evening.

Food: Junkyard has quite an extensive menu. I like the fact that each table has a barcode that you could scan with your phone to access the menu. The meals are well prepared and moderately priced. The portions are decent too.

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However, grills is what usually takes me to Junkyard. I love their grilled catfish. It usually comes in medium and large sizes with chips on the side. It’s tasty with just the right quantity of pepper. The chips are crispy. Their shawarma, jollof rice, chicken suya and chips are great picks too.

Service: The waiters are courteous but their service is slow. It takes a while for them to come to take your order and a longer time for your order to be delivered. Sometimes too, the orders are misplaced. Now, this happens more after work hours when the crowd is much. I know this because I’ve visited Junkyard in the afternoon. The customers were fewer, the music was slower and the servers were more efficient. That said, these service delivery issues can be a huge turn-off for customers. Management should therefore endeavour to train staff on crowd management. Lest I forget, the restrooms are clean. The parking lot is large.

In conclusion, I always enjoy my time in this lovely outdoor chill spot. You should visit there sometime.

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This article was first published on 20th March 2022


Udevi, Obiamaka Angela holds a Master of Arts degree in History & International Studies. She's a freelance writer with a passion for food and healthy living. She can be contacted through her email address,

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