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In Nigeria, it is common for people to feel nonchalant and show a lack of interest in the electoral process.
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Despite the progress Nigeria has made in its democratic quest in the last two decades, there has been a general lack of interest among Nigerians in exercising their civic responsibility by voting to elect those who lead them.   Religious beliefs and affiliations among other factors have been traced to be the leading causes of political apathy in Nigeria and it must be clearly stated that we were first Nigerians before we became religious or members of any organization. As a result, we all must see it as a duty to take part in the electoral process of our country.   In other to vote in Nigeria, you need to be a holder of the Permanent Voters Card (PVC). In a country that is hanging by a thread, it is important that citizens, especially the ones who just turned 18 years of age, understand the importance of the PVC.

Below are 5 reasons to get your PVC

1. PVC Enables Registered Voters To Vote

The Permanent Voters Card (PVC) enables registered voters to exercise their civic right to vote in an  Election. Your right as a citizen of Nigeria to elect your leaders can only be actualized through the conduct of an election. However, without a PVC, you cannot vote for the leader of your choice in an election.
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2. It Is An Effective form Of Identification

Your PVC is a valid means of identification during an election as well as in other official or unofficial situations where identification is required.

3. It Is An Instrument Of Change

In a democratic state like Nigeria, the power resides with the people to vote into power or vote out any administration based on their performance. Thus, your Permanent Voters Card is your instrument to change any government that is performing below par the demand of its citizens.

4. It Is An Entitlement Of Trust And Responsibility

The PVC is only issued to people who are up to 18 years and above which is the official age for an individual to be taxable and to be legally held responsible for all of his or her actions. A holder of a PVC is responsible for the kind of leaders that emerge, whether he/she votes or not.

5. The PVC Gives You The Right Of Choice

With your PVC you’ve gained the right to choose candidates, whether good or bad without fear or favour. While the candidate of your choice may or may not win in the long run,  you have exercised your right of choice using your PVC.
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Thus, the PVC is issued to an individual by the state in recognition of his responsibilities and entitlements


Aside from being a means to vote, your PVC has so many official uses. It can serve as the prerequisite to belonging to a political party or even to contest any position of repute in the country. It actually places on the holder a sense of responsibility. Thus, every responsible adult should have a PVC In order to collect your PVC, You need to present your Temporary Voter’s Card to the INEC Officials. Featured Image Source: Nairametrics
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This article was first published on 15th June 2022


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