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Last night I got a chat from a friend I haven’t seen or spoken to in a while, but just in a few seconds, she reached out to me, deep deep into my innermost place. You know that part of us where we keep only for the late nights when only God has access to us, that’s where she touched and something just broke. You see I was raised to hold strong, regardless of what I face. I don’t know how to reach out when I need help so I just crawl into my shell where I feel safe, especially when I hear scriptures like; “if you fail on the day of adversity then your strength is weak”. So I hold strong while deep down I am all broken. Anyways back to my story, my friend offered me a shoulder and gave a tight hug from so far away and I am thankful. I know we are taught to be strong; we are told that we are not to show weakness even when we feel it,; we are told that we are superwomen. Well, guess what? Sometimes, we must wash and hang our Superwoman cape. For I find that there is more strength when you have a strong support system. I’m not yet there though. I’m still selectively social and I still love my company, but the journey has started and I am thankful. Friendship is a beautiful thing. Nurture it, tend it and when you get overwhelmed with life, reach out to that friend. Even when that someone betrays your trust, don’t give up and retreat back into your shell, but keep reaching out and helping people along the way. One of the many lessons I’ve learned this year is that it’s okay to break down sometimes. It’s ok too to say NO! I can’t, and I won’t be available now as am burned out and need to rejuvenate, and it’s ok to just be you. However, it’s healthy too to only be there for a while and then move on. Long story short, reach out to someone today. You may just save a life and heal a heart along the way. This is for someone who is having a not so good day.

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This article was first published on 12th November 2017


Ifeoma C. Ik-Obi is a lawyer and a member of the Nigerian Bar Association with over thirteen years’ experience. She is a certified etiquette trainer and has facilitated trainings geared towards the development of Children, Teens, and Organizations in understanding the fundamentals of etiquette and good communications skills. An avid enthusiast of the arts, she is also an interior decorator and well... a writer of course. A wife and mother of five lovely children, she personifies work-life balance and believes her role as a wife and mother tops all other roles. She loves reading and gardening.

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5 thoughts on “MOM’S CORNER: Reach Out”

  • Ose

    Yes to reaching out and being there when someone else reaches for you. I am hoping this generation of women will benefit maximally from the sisterhood that friendship with gracious women can bring.

  • It can only be that one friend…..that moment when….. Chai thanks sis

  • Well written Sis. God bless.

  • Sometimes reaching out Hurts especially when the person you reach out to betrays you. May God give us reliable and trustworthy friends. Thanks aunty for this write up.

  • This is lovely,soothing and refreshing.Thank you.

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