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In Nigeria, models are seen as individuals who lead exciting and expensive life. The motivation many aspiring models latch unto is the life of glitz and glamour that awaits them when they finally become successful models.
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For some, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to roll with the big boys and girls, the movers and shakers of the fashion and entertainment industry. However, modeling is a job like other legal jobs people do to earn a living. The difference is the job responsibilities you are saddled with. Models spend time practicing their poses, going to the gym, dieting, attending meetings, building their portfolios, etc.  Modeling has its pros and cons. The cons are not to discourage aspiring models but to point out that modeling is beyond glamour and stardom in Nigeria.

Pros of Becoming A Model in Nigeria

  1. They earn money

One of the reasons models work is to earn a decent living. Models can either work with modeling agencies or be freelancers. Irrespective of the category they fall under, they will be paid for their services.
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They are paid based on the type of modeling gig they do. If you want to learn more about that you can read the article on how much models earn in Nigeria.
  1. They have many experiences

Modeling exposes the model to a wide range of experiences. You will learn to become better and ultimately it will launch you into being the boss in your career or pave way for you to try related careers.
  1. Publicity and Exposure

It doesn’t matter if modeling is your part-time or full-time job. Being a model will expose you to so many benefits.  You may gain popularity through your pictures on banners and flyers, TV commercials, walking on the runway, etc. Also, models in the course of their career, meet prominent people in society.
  1. They travel often

Another advantage of becoming a model is the opportunity to travel. You may travel domestically or internationally. For those that like to travel from one place to another, having a successful modeling career will help you with that.

Cons of Becoming A Model in Nigeria

  1. Earning little at the beginning

Many models give up on their careers at the beginning, especially those who model full-time.
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Newbies, especially freelance models do not earn much until they become big names or are given big modeling gigs to do.
  1. It is tiring

Modeling can be very tiring. The job involves long hours of standing for a shoot, wearing makeup, posing for pictures, etc.  Models have to attend various meetings, be social media savvy and do many other things. 
  1. Strict dieting

Models are expected to have certain body types. To keep fit, they have strict dieting and gym regimen. Many models find it overwhelming to keep up this.
  1. Models may not get jobs often

Many models are not on a payroll, even those that work with modeling agencies. The modeling agencies take a particular percentage as per the agreement whenever the model gets a gig. When models don’t get gigs for a while, it leaves a dent in their finances.


There are always two sides to every coin. To become a model in Nigeria, you must know and be ready to face the pros and cons of the job. Featured Image source: The Guardian Nigeria News
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This article was first published on 3rd June 2022


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