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  There are many tech brands that have kicked off during the last decade. These tech brands offer various solutions to customer problems. In all honesty, Tech businesses and start-ups have a lot to offer. The challenge that most of them face is positioning. How to put all hands on deck and stand out.
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Positioning yourself as a tech brand is very important as tech companies cannot do without proper positioning. It is pertinent that as a Tech brand, you set yourself in a position where the audience and clients can easily see you. There are things that one should and can do to position themselves as a brand. The first thing off the list is to ensure that the brand message is clearly passed across, this cannot be overemphasised as when the brand message is not clearly passed out then there is no way that the brand can properly stand out. Steve Jobs, when he initially launched Apple, made sure that the brand message, “Think Different” was plastered across billboards all around the world. When this is properly done, it is easy for clients to know where to find the business. The best way to get this done is to state the brand message in the vision statement of the business. The next step is to ensure that the logo style and colours stand. Tech brands should use colours that are captivating while still maintaining elegance. Take, for example, the Big 4 firm Deloitte. Deloitte logo ends with an iconic green dot at the end of a simple spelling of their name. This means they stand out wherever their logo is seen. The simplistic yet powerful structure of the logo goes ahead to further show that the brand is legit putting resources into ensuring that they deliver only the best.
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Lastly, the most important step to take in positioning yourself as a Tech Brand is to Strategically Place the Brand in their view. What this means is that, when the brand finds the place where the target audience is majorly located, then strategies for advertisement and exposure should be swiftly deployed after adequate research. This would serve to ensure that these audiences are properly saturated with the subconscious knowledge of the brand. These adverts should clearly portray the problems the brand has observed and the solution they seek to provide. These are among the best ways to position a Tech Brand into becoming a Tech Giant in 2021. Also, the continuous strengthening of the brand’s social media presence allows clients to trust the solution the brand offers. It is also important that whatever the reasons, a brand remains committed to giving excellent value for any money being paid for services rendered or products sold. These are only a few of the ways that a brand can position themselves as a tech company to reach their full potential. Featured Image Source: Quartz
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This article was first published on 30th August 2021


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