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  Sometimes, deciding where to go in a new city can be daunting. Sure, you’ve spent time with those you love in that city. What next? If you are lucky, they will take you to their favourite spots. But if they are unavailable to take you around to have a good time, you need to have a plan.
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Before you travel, research the hip places in the city you are going to and ask for directions on how to get there. Below is a list of places you should find out if they are available in the city you are visiting.
  • Cinema – You can choose to see a movie. Most cinemas have ultramodern designs worth checking out. The dark halls with fully functioning air conditioning are perfect for relaxing while watching a movie. Don’t forget to get popcorn, hot dogs, and drinks to keep hunger at bay afterward. Cinemas you can visit in Nigeria are Imax Cinema in Lekki, Genesis, Kada cinema, FilmHouse, etc.
  • Beach resort – Most coastal cities in Nigeria have beach resorts. The beauty of this location is you can enjoy a midnight stroll on the beach under the starlight with your partner on a sleepover. If you go with a group, a bonfire experience on the beach can add to the fun. There are many beach resorts in Lagos, but we recommend La Campagne Tropicana, Whispering Palms Badagry, La Manga Beach villa. If a beach resort isn’t your thing, then Epe Resort and Spa or Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Center in Lagos and Gordon’s resort in Delta State are also alternatives
  • Restaurants – If you want a fine dining experience, then try visiting any highly recommended restaurant in that town. E.g. Sailors Lounge, Shiro restaurant, Nok by Alara, Cactus Restaurant etc in Lagos. Other foodie joints to check out in Abuja, 4Guys, Metro Cage and Grills and Skillets and Grill; in Ibadan, Ibachi, Koko Dome, Tamberma, and Wimpys. If you find yourself in Gombe, check out Mackay restaurant, Eaman, and Scinpo.

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  • Bistro/Café – If you are more focused on eating a unique meal or food tasting experience, then these are your go-to: Hard Rock Cafe, Hans and Rene Gelato, Crust and Cream, Samantha’s Bistro & Grill, Art Café, Sooyah bistro, etc. if you are in Lagos. In Ibadan, try Café restaurant and bar, Frosty ice-cream lounge, and Oliver’s Café. In Abuja, check out The Cube café, the Cake hut café, Lagos Bistro, and Salamander Cafe. And you can visit Roots restaurant and Cafe in Enugu, Metro Café and Sip & Dip restaurant in Benin City or The Coffee shop in Port Harcourt
  • Nature Park – Nigerians are not yet used to adding visits to nature parks to their list of inbound tour activities. If you visit a city that has one, try to drop by and spend some quality time in nature breathing in fresh air and forest bathing. Some nature parks you can visit include Lufasi park & LCC in Lagos, IITA Forest Reserve in Ibadan, OOPL wildlife park in Abeokuta, and Cross River National Park. 
  • Amusement Parks and Water Parks – If you want to adventure with adrenaline-pumping, try out water parks and amusement parks in the cities you visit. We have a Hi-impact Amusement park in Ogun, a Wild bunch amusement park in Jos, Garden City Park in PH, Fun Factory in Lekki, Magic Land in Abuja, etc. There is also Park Vega in Delta State, Funtopia in Lagos, Tinapa water park in Cross River state etc.
  • Games Centre – Whether it is digital fun or physical gymnastics, a gaming center will get your adrenalin pumping. In Benin City, you can check out Playhouse (mainly for kids), Mat Ice and Games, Reign restaurant, arcade games and gallery center, and Kada Plaza. In Lagos, there is Rufus and Bee, an Upbeat Recreational center on the Island; Play Zone, and Funsation Games and Entertainment center on the mainland. In Abuja, there is Magic land. Dallas Leisure world in Effurun, Delta State, Magnus Paintball Arena and Cubes Arcade in Ibadan is also some games centers you can have fun in when visiting that town.
You don’t have to get to all at the same time. Pace yourself and go to a new spot with subsequent visits. It will make your stay more memorable. Featured image source: TravelAge West
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This article was first published on 18th February 2022 and updated on February 21st, 2022 at 8:55 pm


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