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  The Lagos State Government has always continued to provide its road users and pedestrians with innovative platforms for easy commuting and road use. In its latest initiation, the Government through the Lagos State Government Vehicle Inspection Service unit launched PayVIS, a vehicle number plate detecting site, that tracks vehicle traffic law offenders and bills them.
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As contained in the website of PayVis,
‘PlateDetect is a Traffic analytics and access control application developed for Lagos State’s Vehicle Inspection Service to track, monitor, and book traffic offenders…LASG VIS’s PlateDetect ensures that all vehicle documentation (vehicle license, Insurance policy, Roadworthiness certificate, Driver’s license, Hackney permit (Commercial vehicles only), Lagos State Drivers’ Institute card (Commercial vehicles) can be verified and tickets raised for violators.’

How To Stay Traffic Offence Free

In order to verify if you’ve had any previous traffic offences, vehicle owners are asked to visit the vehicle offence detection website: payvis, where they can search for prior offences by entering their plate number in the search engine provided. Your plate number should be entered without adding space, in the provided search engine for the purpose.
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If there is an outstanding offence, a billing number is generated where you’re to pay your bill entering the bill number in the search engine provided for the purpose of payment. You can confirm the transaction and pay with your ATM Card, Bank Account or, USSD. After payment, you’re to note your payment reference to get a reprint Payment confirmation. In cases where you’re experiencing problems with payment, enter your Vehicle Plate Number or Bill Number in the search engines provided for the purpose. A page will open where you will see the “Contest Bill” button. Hit it. Upload your evidence of valid documents to seek redress. If your application is denied, ensure payment is made within seven (7) days to avoid further sanctions. Featured Image Source: Lagos
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This article was first published on 13th October 2021


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