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Acting President Yemi Osinbajo received at the Presidential Villa, Dr Oluyinka Olutoye, the US-based Surgeon who successfully led a medical team to a fetal surgery and won global acclaim for the feat.

The surgeon from Ido Ani in Ondo State received global attention at Texas Hospital in 2016 after successfully carrying out a surgery on a 23-week foetus who had a tumour called sacrococcygeal teratoma. The surgeon performed an exit procedure, what many called a miracle, on little Lynlee Hope. She was attached to the umbilical chord and was thereafter placed in her mother’s womb after which she was rebirthed via a caesarean procedure. A tumour tries to grow at the same pace with the fetus competing with it for space in the womb. The said tumour grows from the baby’s coccyx, tailbone and competes with the fetus for blood supply.

Fetal surgery is used to correct birth defects in the fetuses who are still in the uterus and it is relatively new. This new way is designed to help babies by treating life threatening defects before their birth.

According to the Acting President Osinbajo in a statement by his spokesman, Mr Laolu Akande, he stated that Nigeria produces the best in every way. Its citizens continue to shine in various ways.  He also believes that if people continue to do what is right in public service, Nigeria is destined to reach the top globally as a nation.

Olutoye, a co-director in Texas Children Fetal’s Centre at Texas Children’s Hospital, had also been an active member of another medical team that separated a set of conjoined twins in the U.S.

He, Olutoye was accompanied to the Presidential villa by members of his family, his wife and parents. His father is also the Alani of Ido Ani land, Oba Olufemi Olutoye. Akande further added that Osinbajo told Olutoye, that his surgery makes up stories our fables are created with. It is remarkable to be achieved by a Nigerian-trained individual such as Olutoye who has a degree in Medicine from the Obafemi Awolowo University.

Olutoye, while in an earlier discourse accredited his medical accomplishments in the US to his Nigerian training where he had his education from primary to tertiary levels.

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This article was first published on 7th August 2017


Adepeju Adenuga is a writer (considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense). She holds a Masters Degree in Literature in English from the University of Lagos.

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