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This week, Senator Dino Melaye woefully complained about police protection being withdrawn from him (a “VIP”) because he is under investigation for the alleged possession of arms. Nigerians came at him, but I’m of the opinion you people need to calm down and let this man be. I’ve compiled a list of reasons you should leave Senator Dino alone. You will do well to oblige. The country is hard enough without people running amuck on incompetent lawmakers. Let’s please be reasonable.

Five reasons

  1. If you withdraw Senator Dino’s police protection, he becomes like an ordinary Nigerian. Woe is he.
  2. Senator Dino is a taxpayer. You. When was the last time you paid your taxes?
  3. When you’re being paid nearly ₦30 million by the government monthly – let’s not bother about whether or not you’re actually making an impact in the constituent that voted you in; when you’re taking home millions a month in “allowances” for items like “newspapers, utilities, domestic staff, entertainment”, how won’t you feel like a demagogue? Let’s use our common sense, please.
  4. Dino can sing. Don’t be jealous.
  5. Remember Kogi West Constituents also want Senator Dino recalled from the Senate for his abysmal performance. You people should free this man. Is he the only one?
Let’s soft peddle when it comes to people like our dear Senator. It’s really not easy when so much is expected of you as you supposedly “serve the people” but still have time to post videos, singing and taunting your haters. Let’s face it. It isn’t easy.   Feature image photo credit:

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This article was first published on 23rd March 2018


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