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Nigerians share top 10 tv shows

Connect Nigeria asked fifty Nigerians between the ages of 21 and 35 years what their favourite Nigerian television shows were; 12.5 percent said they didn’t watch TV, while the other half told us that even when they do watch, international TV shows on DSTV captures their attention. Seventy-five percent told us that there are some Nigerian TV shows they love watching, which they hope would maintain the quality of their production in 2014. Let’s look at their choices.


10. Dear Mother: This is a drama series that has been on TV for at least nine years and the producers have improved its picture quality, added new cast and given each character on the show a well-rounded part to play. Since it began showing, it has won a couple of awards and does not appear to be relenting. Some viewers value the fact that regardless of the conflict that face the family, all ends well at the end of the day with the characters unchanging. A notable case is the continuous effort of the Mother (Teju Phillips) to get married again. Some viewers think that if she gets married to any of the suitors who seek her attention, it would end her relevance and prominence in the television series. Other viewers dislike the show for that very reason. The latter group is of the opinion that the show should advance to the next level with the Dear Mother married to a good man and that if this does not pan out as expected, they would consider it boring since it has kept on the same theme for the majority of the years it has been on television. Whatever the case might be, the series is generating some debate that reflects the views of Nigerians on single motherhood and spinsterhood. What majority of Nigerians cannot deny about their love for the show is the fact that the family stands together in all things no matter how tough the different conflicts arising might be.


9. Nigerian Idol: Nigerian Idol debuted in 2010 and since then it has been one of the shows Nigerians look forward to. The show is a peculiar one in that it is open to every Nigerian between the ages of 18 – 28. It is a show that celebrates its winners and hones their talents. Its viewers find the elimination show interesting and every season, they look forward to finding out who will be the next Nigerian Idol.


8. Sunrise Daily on Channels TV: Channels Television, an eight-time winner of the “Television Station of the Year” award, has kept its audience interested through its award winning programmes and excellent brand of journalism. The station features programmes that keep getting commendation across the country. One of such programmes is “Sunrise Daily”. On Sunrise Daily, Channels TV brings to the audience topical issues in the news, particularly issues of political and socio-economic importance. They ask crucial questions and get behind the stories that make the news from political leaders, corporate decision makers to ordinary individuals facing immense challenges. This is why most of the viewers polled love Sunrise Daily on Channels TV. Our viewers get to know what is making the news even before getting to the newspapers. They know it will continue.


7. Moments with Mo: Moments with Mo is considered the first syndicated daily talk show on African television. It has seen over 200 episodes with various topics bordering on culture, politics, entertainment, music, health and lifestyle. Mosunmola Abudu, host and producer of the show, has attracted high profile guests and celebrities, including former Secretary of State for the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Viewers say they look forward to watching the show every time it is on air. Moments with Mo is created to meet international standards and pundits see the show as an ideal way of re-branding Nigeria and Africa. The show is “A new Africa that speaks for itself, identifies and proffers effective solutions for its own problems, celebrates its peoples by showcasing their lives, trials, victories, achievements / successes. It is all about rebuilding the battered image of the hitherto, so called “dark” continent so that it can shine forth in a new, refreshing and more accurate light.” People love the show for what it represents and for the ever radiant presenter, Mo Abudu.


6. Gulder Ultimate Search: This is a Nigerian reality television series and the first 100 percent local content reality television program in Nigeria. This reality program deals with the survival of the one as it highlights the struggle of contestants (10 -30 persons) against themselves and against the wild and their search for a hidden treasure that rewards the last man standing into instant fame and fortune. It is a highly charged adventure for the contestants and dedicated viewers. The organizers of the show call the GUS “the show for achievers and champions of everyday life.”

 Teju Baby Face, Julius Agwu-1

5. TejuBabyFace Show: Dorcas, an event manager, thinks the TejuBabyFace Show deserves to be on this list because she enjoys his interviews and has learned a lot from him. TejuBabyFace Show goes beyond a talk show; it is a show that prides itself as a one-stop shop as far as entertainment is concerned. It deals with political, medical, scientific, astronomy-related and religious issues. It is also meant to introduce to the Nigerian and international audience up and coming comedians. Teju BabyFace brings a fresh new twist to a genre popularized by comic idols like David Letterman and Johnny Carson as he gets up-close and rib-crackingly personal with celebrity guests – politicians, entertainers, comedians, fashion icons, musicians, and first ladies. What makes this show exceptional is the fact that Teju takes witty swipes at his guests like no other comedian has ever dared to…and yet, they get to laugh even harder! We love your show, Mr. TejuBabyFace.


4. AY Show: Niyi and Joshua love the AY Show because it is entertaining, humorous and mature in a funny way. We love AY for his comedy skits: “$10,000”, “AY fights Ghanian Actor – John Dumelo” and “Kim Kardashian talks about her visit to Nigeria” among others. AY Show, for most people is not just about the comedy but also about the man behind the production. Ayo Richard Makun has shown that comedians are not frivolous people but with their comedy, they portray a different view of the world. Being different has paid Ayo tremendously well because it is moving him towards success. He has proved himself time and time again as a standup comedian, compere, radio and TV presenter, promoter, producer, actor, director, events manager and writer. He is a mentor to those who look up to him; his comedy shows are never just comedy but comedy with a difference. We hope he keeps on.


3. Project Fame West Africa: As a music lover, Damola Oni, a lawyer, loves Project Fame. Viewers think the show is the bomb. Some say it beats other Nigerian reality TV shows on different levels. Project Fame West Africa has proven over six seasons of its appearance on TV that Africa’s got talent. It seeks to discover raw talented musical hopefuls who are groomed for success in an intense academy. The contestants receive the very best professional training – from voice and movement to performance and songwriting. More than just a talent competition, MTN Project Fame allows viewers a unique opportunity to follow day by day, the behind-the-scenes progress of the contestants in their quest for fame. Public voting by SMS determines which contestants are eliminated on a weekly basis, with the lucky winner walking away with N2.5 million, a Toyota RAV4 and a recording contract.


2. Tinsel: Jerry, a private sector employee, loves Tinsel for its suspense-filled story lines, professional acting, great film sets and superb camera quality. Tinsel continues to track the story of two rival film production houses whose fierce battle for box-office dominance sees them taking their rivalry from film-sets to industry boardrooms and everywhere in between. On May 23, 2013, the show’s 1000th episode aired. It has been called “the most successful television drama on Nigerian television in recent times”.


1. Who Wants To Be a Millionaire: This is a general knowledge television quiz programme which is based on the simple concept of one contestant winning cash prizes as he/she answers questions correctly. The cash prize to be won gets bigger with every question answered correctly, with 15 consecutive correct answers winning the contestant Ten Million Naira (N10, 000, 000)! The program was first aired in Nigeria as the 104th country, on 8th October 2004. The N10, 000, 000 top prize money is the highest prize of any game show in Nigeria and the show itself ranks amongst the most watched shows in Nigeria with close to 50 million viewers.   Honorable Mentions:


Your View on TVC: Your View on TVC is a show many find interesting. As a talk show that is hosted by women of different backgrounds, it handles discussions on the views of Nigerians about everything that affects the country’s socio-economic and political reality. Viewers can call in to express their views or send messages through social networks. Tolu, a visual artist, thinks it is one of the best Nigerian shows because they do good deliberations although time is never enough to handle all the issues raised. Tosho, a literary scholar, says the ladies engage social issues intelligently.


Super Story: People love Super Story (like other Wale Adenuga Productions such as Papa Ajasco and Company) for its didactic nature and the fact that it celebrates family togetherness for television entertainment. In addition to being entertaining and interesting, it is one of the sitcoms that still promotes culture and traditional values in the face of change in the global world. Viewers who wanted Super Story and other WAP sitcoms on this list are Nigerians who are lovers of culture and tradition and hate to see it fade away because of modernization. Others who voted for Super Story only complained about how sometimes the story line is dragged on unnecessarily. However most viewers find it interesting and would like the show to continue.


Inside Out with Agatha: Inside Out with Agatha has been on Nigerian television for sixteen years. The show has been praised for its handling of matters that affect the youths and the downtrodden in the society. The presenter, Agatha Amata, is also a formidable woman who commands respect wherever she goes. Tayo, a literary scholar, thinks the show deserves to be on this list because Agatha has consistently maintained interesting discussions over the years in an atmosphere that is light and lively. We believe Inside Out will see more years on Nigerian’s television screen. Family Ties: Pius, a writer, captures the mind of most viewers when he tells us that he likes Family Ties because it interprets well the everyday Nigerian life. Family Ties remains the people’s favorite because they can relate to the challenges and victories of family life and living in Nigeria as it is portrayed in the stories. Viewers love it also for its conservative storylines that promote culture as the show addresses our modern realities.

 Doctor & Nurses

Clinic Matters: Clinic Matters is a comedy series that dramatizes the everyday experiences of a busy doctor, his committed nurses and their different patients with their unusual and comic attitudes. Nigerians think Clinic Matters is a Nigerian comedy show that is different from others. Firstly, it is the only comedy show that uses a clinic as its setting. For instance, Chi Chi, an intern says “Clinic Matters is the bomb; the characters, good story line, unique concept and views on the issues the characters deal with. It is so easy for viewers to laugh when they watch Clinic Matters.” In countries like Kenya, Uganda and especially Ghana, this sitcom is making serious waves. It is being viewed on TV networks and Cable TV across the continent.   Did your favourite show make the list? Let us know what you think; leave a comment.  

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This article was first published on 19th December 2013

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  • Nice one. thinking of having my own Tv show is all about bringing out the best in people to enable themfufill their dreams
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  • so happy to see clinic matters among d list,
    it’s my best TV drama. right now I’m working on my B.A (theatre arts) project, on d topic: television drama as a tool of communication nd sensitization in contemporary society. pls any material on d dif series dat wil enhanced my research wil b appreciated nd acknowledged. tnx alot

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    A case study of clinic matters.

  • i think Extended Family and fuji house of commotion should be on that list

  • I am interested in watching the program powertrack but I do not remember theTV station or time of the program. Do pls help me out

  • I want to watch the program POWER TRACK. l cannot remember the TV station or time of broadcast. Pls help me out

  • I want to watch the program POWERTRACK but cannot remember theTV station or time when i watched it last.

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